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  1. Disco Elysium might be a better game for you to stream than Sunless Sea. Especially since it's about cops and gets very psychological.
  2. I never got into Tumblr. Some things I don't like about Reddit is how much brigading there can be. I also don't how the UI is built on gamification, and how the whole voting system and system of delayed notifications give you a dophamine rush to make the site as addictive as possible. And having one account by default for every topic you'd want to talk about makes cyber-stalking and doxxing easier. What is nice about the older forum format is that threads can last for years with less gamification to trick you into thinking you're enjoying conversations you're not.
  3. Hello, I've been following Ross's work since around episode 11 of Freeman's Mind. I've seen most of the most polished videos since then. I don't know yet whether I will stick around since I have little to say and these kinds of old-fashioned forums have basically been replaced by the social media websites, which are a mixed bag.
  4. "What is Prison Gerrymandering?" I thought this topic could be of interest to Ross since he has studied criminal justice. As a layman I wasn't aware of how much the location of prisons can change the representatives and create perverse incentives for rural representatives to support "the prison industrial complex." Credentials: Peter Hanink is an assistant professor of sociology with a PhD in criminal justice so his video lecture has weight. I didn't know where to put this topic and if it's not in the right place you can move it.
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