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  1. This game has a steam page. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1116390/Negative_Atmosphere/
  2. its kinda hard if you aren't a avid doom player. i played it on "hard" (whatever the third difficultly was) and it was nearly impossible for me when I got to the corporate office.
  3. it has really bad voice acting.
  4. it is quite foolish to think anybody but me would win.
  5. Aren't we already somewhat constantly tapped into a virtual world? The internet is pretty much an alternate world in it of itself, people act different here than they would in real life. Someone's opinion could be wildly different just because they simply had to type it first, rather than speak it. It is no doubt that the internet is vastly different place than our real world but I think the real debate is how they interact and control eachother. Hell, our recent elections are probably the most publicized since the invention of the television with a majority of the world having a computer or phone around them pretty much all the time. That is, not everyone reads the news as much than the 1950's-60's since newspapers are now pretty outdated. I think some people see the overabundance of information today as a disaster, and I do think alot of people have a over-reliance on technology, not structurally but personally, I have a friend who for every night since he was 16 could only fall asleep while watching Youtube videos otherwise he wouldn't be able to sleep but I'm kinda deviating what I was saying. The Internet is great, but it needs something like a great reset. So people stop endlessly browsing Facebook for hours and pay more attention what's going on around them, something something slavery of the mind.
  6. My name is Jaiden. I am 21 years old and I liek Ross's Game Dungeon. I originally came to Ross's channel for Freeman's Mind but stayed for the more long-form reviews. I playing computer games since I was 11. I still remember days of playing Pirates VS Knights VS Vikings 2 in my dad's pc. I also like Monkeys.
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