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  1. uhh, i was curious if he was the guy behind that, weird petition to SHUT DOWN ALL AI TRAINING HURR DURR BECAUSE HUMANITY WILL DIEEE well i stumbled on... this thing... yeah something tells me this dude isnt uh, the most, stable person to be an "expert" https://time.com/6266923/ai-eliezer-yudkowsky-open-letter-not-enough/ what the fuck am i reading, i skimmed through it but, i got to that part and im just like, what the hell? why would he write this? is something wrong with him? wh- WHAT AM I READING LET'S BOMB THOSE DATA CENTERS. OH, SOME COUNTRIES WANT TO NUKE EACH OTHER? WHO GIVES A SHIT, WE HAVE TO BOMB THE DATA CENTERS wha- what the fuck IS THIS DUDE FOR REAL ross i dont know what the fuck you just got involved into but, this dude is uh, not right in the head, i know im being rude but WHO THINKS LIKE THIS?? nope, im done reading this, im just making my own self upset, anyway i think i satisfied my own curiosity, im just gonna avoid anyone who, mentions this dude from now on OH MY GOD I WROTE THIS AS A JOKE BUT THIS DUDE ACTUALLY THINKS LIKE THIS WOOOOOOOOOW https://twitter.com/ESYudkowsky/status/1643800261599825921
  2. i wanted you to tell me in your own words how you feel about him though, if i just go read some, wiki written by some random weirdos i dont know, it doesnt really encourage me to care that much, plus i just dont want to get obsessive about one person, i dunno, it feels like too much effort for, information which, doesnt make my life better in any way will knowing all these things about some random dude, help me to, create things that make the world a better place? probably not sometimes doing nothing at all is the best option so, plus i was just mildly curious, i dont care that much, i hope ross will talk to the guy and i hope he will stand up for us AI enjoyers and not fall for the fear mongering crap plus i cant take a website thats called, "rational" seriously at all, i dunno, its giving me a bad vibe, its super red flaggy, nothing good can come out of it, i'll just ignore that website from now on, i think its weird that you linked me to that of all things but i dont know how you guys roll i dont see the point, bad people will find ways to do bad stuff, and if you limit the ai you make it worse for everybody else the bad people can just work around it, its pointless i want good ai for everybody that does its job without being gimped, keep the ai neutral, let the people decide what to do with it good, bad, it doesnt matter, you cant stop it, you cant give a bunch of math morality, its the humans behind it that need to be fixed, not the tool its like banning calculators because you could launch a missile to strike an orphanage or something, its stupid, it makes no sense the average person just wants to know how to, boil an egg or something, not BOIL A NUCLEAR EGG OF MASS DESTRUCTION also i love this ai stuff too much to let it get ruined like this, i mean it bridges the gap between people who, arent good at programming or, people who arent good at writing, it allows them to like, learn and shieet, its pretty based, it really feels like we are all equal now, everything just feels, more fair all of sudden, you can learn to do pretty much anything and its not, a horrible chore? you wont burn out horribly? i love it, i dont want to gimp it because EVIL PEOPLE, blah if this "ai expert" is just another one of those fear mongering idiots who thinks ai will enslave us all or something retarded like that then i doubt Ross will have any trouble debating the guy, i wouldnt be shocked if the "expert" just, freaked out or if he just, walked away from this while in the middle of it, im getting the vibe, he is that type of person, thats what my intuition is telling me anyway is it one of those dudes who claims to be hella smart but, actually he's just, some narcissistic egomaniac, who refuses to ever be proven wrong? i hope not but, i didnt realize how stupid calling yourself an "ai expert" sounds until i really thought about it, like, what's that even supposed to mean? an expert on what? making up a bunch of bullshit? anyway i need to stop thinking about this, i should, go do something more productive tbh
  3. that just seems petty, lots of smart people dont do well in school but do well on their own, its not for everyone but this guy sounds like a bit, off... so i dont think a good school or no school would have changed that much some people are just born bad do you mean the chat gpt stuff? i used it a lot, it has been life changing for me WHY WOULD ANYONE HATE THAT STUFF, ITS AMAZING, I GOT SO MANY THINGS DONE, I DONT NEED TO WASTE HOURS GOOGLING FOR CRAP, I CAN JUST, TELL IT, "HEY HOW DO I DO THAT THING" AND IT TELLS ME, OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH it restored some of my faith in humanity that we can do actual good, it gave me some hope too, and i got so much stuff done the moment it got released, like i hate programing or, monkeying around with batch files, but i needed to setup some stuff with it, and it helped out SO MUCH plus its HELLA patient too, it never yells at me, it never gets upset that i dont understand, i can ask it to explain things in different ways, step by step, and so on, the only limit is, how creative you can get when you ask it these questions, but it will happily assist you, its so nice, i feel like i have my own personal teacher, WHO ACTUALLY WANTS ME TO LEARN, NOT JUST THROW MONEY AT HIM most teachers are assholes, i dont like most teachers now i have my own self made tool thanks to this thing, it also made me photoshop scripts, where if you push Ctrl + S, it automatically saves the image into a specific format, to a specific folder, thats like, GOD LIKE, it saved me hours worth of pointless clicking (i didnt even know you could do that) i also had to do some boring stuff with ffmpeg and i always dreaded finding out how it works but it made my life so much easier, i asked it one simple oddly specific question and BOOM, here's the solution fam, that's so cool the people who hate on this ai stuff are a bunch of retards, im so excited for the future, i even used that art one, its really useful, i dont need to waste my time gathering boring ass reference images anymore, i just, tell the ai to crank a bunch, and i ask chat gpt to create prompts for me, then i hand pick the art i like and i delete the bad stuff, or i fix the ones with not too many defects for me this ai stuff is super useful because, a lot of the things i want to do are super niche, but most people are assholes and they will NEVER DARE to share this knowledge with me ITS JUST SO NICE TO BE ABLE TO GET THINGS DONE i was super burned out because half the time im just googling for stuff and trying to figure out which information is useful and which is garbage chat gpt pretty much deleted like 99% of that process overnight, i barely google anymore, i basically use it as a "reddit search post finder" its like, 90% chat gpt and 10% google to find more stuff i can throw into chat gpt, to ask it more questions to refine what it gave me, i went from taking weeks to do some of this stuff to, four hours or even 30 minutes, sometimes if im lucky i can solve the problem in the time it takes it to generate a response for me, super complicated stuff that would take me months to figure out, its just one click away awesome oh and the people who wanted to make that petition to stop this ai stuff from getting better? they can go fuck themselves im kinda sick of the weird censorship and all the filtering, im pretty sure this just makes the AIs dumber, but, for now i can work around it, i didnt trigger it too often, even the ai just seems to ignore the warnings it shows me anyway, i just tell it to do the thing anyway and i ignore the warning, and it happily helps out in the end, its kinda funny i always thank the ai, sometimes it blows my mind, i get super excited when i get something ridiculously hard done so quickly I CAN ASK SOOOO MANY QUESTIONS, I CAN TAKE EVERY LITTLE PIECE APART AND HAVE IT EXPLAINED FOR ME, HOW ARE PEOPLE'S MINDS NOT BLOWN BY THIS THING, LIKE OH MY GOD, I STILL CANT GET OVER IT AND I HAVE BEEN USED IT SINCE THE DECEMBER RELEASE i still get these little "holy shit i cant believe it did that" or these weird "wow" moments a lot, the novelty wore off but it still catches me off guard ITS SO GOOD i will just assume he's a bad person and move on, reading all that stuff doesnt seem like a good use of my time also that wiki seems a bit uh obsessive, its weirding me out i dont really want to look at it, im not sure how i feel about the people running a website like that, its just giving me a bad vibe i feel like mentally stable people who have a healthy life, would proooobably not be running a wiki about, whatever that is i dont really know how to reply to the rest of that stuff, im not an ai expert anyway, im just an ai enjoyer im the type of person who doesnt care about how much disruption something new causes, i enjoy the chaos, i just like to get new stuff AVERAGE AI ENJOYER i was wondering whats wrong with the guy and i just ended up writing a giant unhinged ramble about how excited i am about AI instead oops is it that stupid basilisk thing again? its such a dumb theory, some of that stuff always feels like, religion to me but, for "smart" people like its no different than believing that, you will go to hell if you sneeze wrong i dont care about elon musk anyway, i always ignored the guy, i never understood why people get so focused on wasting all that energy on someone they dont even like why not just, do something better with your life? like, eating ice cream, or baking a delicious pancake, mhh hmm i think this is why that wiki weirds me out, we could have an amazing chat gpt wiki where, people share their handcrafted solutions and the tools they made with everybody, their source code, prompts, anything, but no lets just, stalk a bunch of internet losers instead, yay? anyway for all i care ai can take over the world, it couldnt possibly do a worse job than the humans not that... the humans are... trying to do anything, they are just lazying around, waiting for solutions to show up OH LOOK, A SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS SHOWED UP IT MUST BE THE WORK OF THE DEVIL, DESTROY IT, THOSE EVIL CHAT DEVILS, KILL THEM ALL, IT WILL BRING WRATH ON US ALL, AAGHHH humanity is retarded
  4. WAIT, REALLY? is something wrong with the guy? is he, radioactive or
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