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Youtube tags, how do they work?

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Since i have seen more any more failed attempts at using the Youtube tags on this forum, i thought it would be a good idea to make a thread explaining it in a way a 5 year old could do it(by that i am not implying anyone who has failed to use the tags is less intelligent than a 5 year old).


Step 1: Find a video you'd like to share.


Step 2: Copy the full url out of the top bar in your browser.



Step 3: Copy anything that is between "watch?v=" and "&feature"(if there is no "&feature..." just copy everything from "watch?v=" to the end)

Example(copy the part highlighted in green)



Example 2(copy the part highlighted in green)



Step 4: Highlight the code and click the "youtube" button.



Step 5: ????


Step 6: PROFIT!


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see ^this for example?


put these:(highlighted yellow)




in here:




pretty much the code after the "watch?v=" and before the "&"


oh, i didn't read the post, i just read the question. nvm then. :lol:

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