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Postal 2

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Would this be obscure? I am not too sure.

Postal 2 is a hated game, yet it is one of my favorites, simply due to the fact that it's very fun. It mostly has mixed reviews, it's simply a "You either love or hate it" type of game. It's an FPS-Sandbox, In which you live a week in the Postal Dude Jr.'s shoes, attempting to do some normal tasks like buying milk. Which most of the time ends in violence, though it really depends on how you take it. For example; when you pick up milk, you can either just pay the stereotypical middle-eastern cashier or beat him to death with a shovel and then fight through a living area filled with more stereotypes. You can go through the whole game without killing a single person or you can kill everyone in your sight in horrible ways.



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I only heard about it once...at a speed-run vids website.

I guess it is a little obscure

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I have heard of this game before. It makes the GTA franchise look like some sort of child-friendly fruit simulator. In terms of the violence. And the attitude in general.


From what I gather, it's nowhere near as good as the GTA games though. However I cannot comment from any experience as I have never played the game myself. But I've seen a fair few videos and remember the PC Gamer UK review from ages back...

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