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Ace combat: Assault horizon

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If anyone is planning on buying this: DON'T!

I've always been a big fan of the Ace combat games, they are my favourite game series and always has been.

And when I heard about Assault horizon, I was really glad there was a new one (also it would be for the ps3 and xbox 360!!) So I played the demo, the flying mission was to awesome to be described with words, the chopper mission was just unnecessary, but I figured it wouldn't be so many chopper missions.


I bought the game yesterday, and I came home started it up, and played the first Aircraft mission, again it was awesome. And then I got to be a chopper gunner... but once again I just said to myself "this is probably a short mission and a one timer". Then came the chopper mission, it was acceptable, but just didnt fit in a Ace combat game. Shortly after this mission, I knew there was no hope left for this game... An AC-130 mission. I just wanted to slap namco in the face... They have tried to make a COD out of Ace combat. I didnt mind the cutscenes since they were really well made and not so long. But the chopper gunning, chopper piloting and the AC-130 just ruined everything. The AC-130 mission was like somthing out of a free game on the internet, and it was long and boring as hell. The Aircraft missions (once you get one) are really good, so why add in all the other stuff ? Why even make an Ace combat ? Why not do "Aerial fighter" or something like that. Really disapointing.

"Life sucks sober!"

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