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Half Life 2: CTF 2.0

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So the second and apparently final version of HL2:CTF has been released. For those of you who don't know, it's a mod for HL2:DM that adds a variety of gamemodes, features, weapons, and maps. In addition, the core gameplay has been completely rebalanced from the standard HL2:DM settings. To get an idea of how the game plays, check out this video:




Notable Features:


- 7 team-based gamemodes

- Dozens of maps from games such as HL2:DM, TFC, and Quake

- 4 new weapons (Alyx Gun, Sniper Rifle, O.I.C.W., Railgun)

- 7 Quake-style powerups

- Completely rebalanced HL2:DM weapons (they're ALL useful now!)

- Enhanced movement techniques (bunny-hopping, wall-jumping, and explosive jumping)

- A major focus on teamwork rather than individual K:D ratios


You can find the official site here.



- A PC that is capable of running Half Life 2 and similar games

- A working, legal Steam client

- Source SDK Base 2006 (download it on your "Tools" menu)

- Nothing else! (you don't require HL2:DM or any other Source games other than Source SDK Base 2006 in order to play)


Personal Verdict: This mod is absolutely fantastic! Everything from the gameplay to aesthetics clicks perfectly. I'm particularly impressed by how it plays; it feels similar to classic games like Quake, TFC, and the original HL:DM, yet manages to remain distinct and in a place all it's own. My main gripe with this mod is the severe lack of people actually playing it. This is where you come in, Accursed Farms fans: download this mod, spread it to friends, and populate it's servers! It's such a well made game, it doesn't deserve to fall beneath the radar among other mediocre titles.


In short, if you like Half Life 2 OR multiplayer shooters, you will like HL2:CTF.

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