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World of Goo

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I don't really know of anybody who has even heard of this, but it is really fun. It was designed by two guys with 10,000 bucks between them, and it is actually pretty good. In it, you build structures out of little goo balls to reach a pipe, while being guided by "The Sign Painter." In order to beat the level, you have to collect a certain amount of goo balls for the World of Goo Corporation. There are 4 chapters, for the four seasons, and a sandbox level where you build a tower out of the goo balls you collect that are beyond the level goals. You can view how high other player's towers are, too. Cute game, I like it, go check it out!


The goo balls did not know that they were in a game, or that they were extremely delicious...


Screenshots, info, and more: http://www.desura.com/games/world-of-goo

Developers: http://2dboy.com/

\m/ (^_^) \m/

Rock on.




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Isn't this the second time someone posted World of Goo here? Anyway it isn't really obscure, indie, but not obscure.


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