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Kickstarter projects

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A topic to discuss Kickstarter projects in general. Specifically game-related.


Brian Fargo on Wasteland 2-



Obsidian on unknown RPG-



Tim Schafer on creating a fan-funded adventure game-



Looks like a few doors just opened up for veteran developers in the gaming industry, thoughts?

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Was on the second page. Bumping.








Wasteland 2, a game that's will be developed by Brian Fargo and his team. I never thought I'd see another isometric CRPG with quality released again. To those who don't know, the original Wasteland was a top-down game developed by Brian Fargo's team, they sold the rights to EA so when they wanted to create a sequel they couldn't, instead they made a game a few of you might know of, Fallout.

Now Fargo has the Wasteland name rights back again and is trying to ride the Kickstarter wave by using fan-funding to develop a game in a genre that would otherwise never see the light of day (isometric, turn-based cRPGs).

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Wasteland 2 is up, I'm giving them US$115.00 so I can get the premium CE boxed copy which includes a cloth map and instruction book. It also comes with a Wasteland miniature, Wasteland 2 faction badge, concept art book, soundtrack, two Wasteland novellas and access to the Steam beta. I'll also get my name in the credits . :D




Activision CEO makes a cameo in the second scene.

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One friend of mine who worked with me there said recently he felt that in the beginning of the industry all the nerds were in charge, but then as the industry grew it changed, and now the guys that picked on the nerds got back on top.



QFT Bryan Fargo.





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GB: Unfortunately, role-playing games have lost much of their original identity in recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of first-person action RPGs. How do you convince a newer or younger RPG fan who has grown accustomed to the action-focused titles to give Wasteland 2 a shot?


Brian: Well here is the beauty of fan funding... we don't have to convince some younger RPG player of anything. I am making this game for the wonderful fans who put their money behind us and not some nebulous group of new people. Let's make the game they all expect and let the chips fall where they may. There is just no way I'm going to consider anything that could let down the core.


It's so beautiful.

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