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Episode 4

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Well, this afternoon I leafed through the forum and thought: what a shame that there are just so few German subtitles. So I sat down and started where others left off.

As the last posts in the German section were made quite a while ago (and I am completely new here), I don't know how many of the people that created the first few German subtitles are still around here. I hope they are, because I'd really like some feedback. And I'm almost certain that I made a few spelling mistakes and stuff, everybody does.


Anybody reading through my subtitles will see that I at times deviated quite a bit from the English original, but I tried to keep these instances to a minimum. Generally, I tried to give a translation that closely resembles the speech a German would use on the street, including all those slang expressions and the (at times) fucked up grammar. As I said, I'd apreciate feedback very much.


I hope I got the technical requirements right.


I'll do my best to keep my output high, but I can't promise anything.





German Subtitles Ep.4 - 1st draft

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Many thanks! I will take a look when I get home.

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