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A Treat: Half - Life 1 ALPHA walkthrough

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That's a very underwhelming pistol sound and the MP5 sounds like it's been fitted with a suppressor. I really do kind of wish they'd put Mr. Friendly and the Panther Eye in Black Mesa, though. Oh well.

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I played it a bit yesterday, and as much it has this very familiar elements (esp. sounds), it's absolutely horrible!:P Comparing to the actual Half - Life....

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There are few things I always notice about early Half Life footage:

  • Everything looks somehow small and deproportional (extremely narrow hallways, comparatively tall doors, weapon rendered ontop of the scene looks small when the user touches a wall etc...).
  • Several level layouts look familiar and I can think of what they eventually became in the final game.
  • Some other level layouts are completely nonsensual and remind me more of Wolfenstein than Half Life
  • Sound: There are a lot of background sounds that were used in the final game, Half Life 2 and the episodes and aparently haven't changed a bit ever since (pun).
    Aparenty people don't care that much about sound but when looking at footage like this and comparing it to the final game, it is noticable how the sound creates the actual atmosphere of the whole scene.

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It's improving upon an already set sound that can prove quite difficult.


Edit: Wow, even for me that just sounds too formal. Okay, enough Skyrim for me for the week.

Moderation good, addiction bad.

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I like the pistol sound in this version. The Glock in the finished version sounded a little too powerful for a 9mm. It would make sense to have a silencer on the MP5 because you would go deaf from firing it in a metal corridor. The environment looks a little too futuristic though. Reminds me of Quake where everything looked brown and dirty, everything here is metal and clean.


Weapon and enemy attack animations are either unfinished or not present, bizzare and illogical architecture, NPCs look like they are made out of clay, texture artifacts and glitches. At first it seemed poorly constructed but then I remembered that it's a pre build of a game from the late 90's so it's excusable. Especially since the finished version left an such an impact on the industry.


Looks like Gordon isn't wearing an HEV suit. I wonder if they didn't model it yet or if it was added in later.

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