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Some fanart stuff based on Freeman's Mind.

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One of the things I think I'm fairly good at is making like poses and pretty pictures in Garry's Mod. (It took a lot of practice and time to become good though.) Occasionally I make one based on Freeman's Mind. Here are a few if its okay to post. (And if you're wondering about the chumtoad - it's sort of my trademark.)


Coffee! (February 22, 2014) (I sort of mucked up the faceposing a bit on this.)





Looks like there was a cruise ship around the bend... (October 27, 2013)





"Let’s face it — not everyone is cut out to be me."


"I’m a physics-crunching badass! I’m the complete package.”







Civil Protection shenanigans. (December 20, 2013)





Well I hope they were okay and good enough to post here. I sometimes get nervous about things I make not being good enough. :oops:

I might post some of my more generalish Half-Life stuff another time.

I forget things a lot and I like chumtoads.

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Wow! I don't know how it sounds, but do you have an account on deviantart? ( a portal for artists, not "real" deviants :) ) I'm an admin of Freeman's Mind group (kinda by accident) and I'll be happy to add these artworks to the gallery!

So yeah if anybody has deviantart.com profile here, join "Freemans-Mind-Fans"!


Thanks ;)


Also I remember asking someone about that already, so if this was you, I have to be remined :]

Ross's girlfriend (IRL) Twitter: @AmazingMagda follow me! ^^to somewhere! ^^

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I used to have one, but I don't update it really anymore. If I can remember what my username is Ill think on it.

I forget things a lot and I like chumtoads.

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