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Have I ever seen a UFO? That's kind of a funny story.


When I was taking my citizenship test to get into high school (it seems like it was a regional thing and not really something that was nationwide), I went to a different part of the school to take it. Outside the classroom was this silver ball hanging motionless in the sky far in the distance. Chalking it up as possibly some sort of water tower that I had never seen before (it was too far away to tell if it was connected to the ground by a column), I concentrated on the test.


At the end of the test, I looked out the window to the "water tower"...and it was GONE!


Now, there was a possibility that the "water tower" had been brought down or maybe it was an advertising balloon that had either been brought in or had escaped its moorings.


Either way, it's not something I imagined. It happened clear as day. I can't explain it.


This was before the advent of Google maps or something where I could have checked what it was. For this posting, I tried to find out what was in the area, but my memory of the area itself is fuzzy to say the least. There are shopping centers around there but there's also a park and rivers and an expressway. Plus, I was also semi-near an airport. There's a dozen possibilities but something stationary like that suddenly not being there kind of spooked me.


Still does to this day.


Oh, uhh..here's the subtitles. Enjoy!


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