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So I'm making 2 games

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Anyone who's been in the General Chat thread recently probably knows that for my senior thesis classes in college I'm currently building 2 games. Now, neither of these games are any revolutionary concepts or ground breaking ideas since I really don't have time for that. I have 6 months (-3 weeks) to complete these 2 games to the best of my ability.


Now before I start talking about them, I wanna point out I'm under certain restrictions and what not. These include but are not limited to:

-At the end of 6 months both games must be moderately polished and playable

-Each game must have at least 5 objectives minimum which the player must achieve

-I cannot use anyone else's content unless I get express written permission, excluding engine defaults

-I cannot use any models, textures, or other conent from before the start of these classes


Now the 2 games are:

1 - A top-down isometric survival shooter game being made in Unity. This is the one I put the most thought into lol.

2- A 3D sidescroller shooter being made in CryENGINE. (a complete waste of engine if you ask me but I've been banned from making any FPS's)


For the iso game the setting is supposed to be in an abandoned construction yard in which you're stranded. You have to go through a series of objectives to gain access to new areas and eventually reach the parking lot to escape. All the while surviving wave after wave of enemy.


I basically have it control sort of like tank controls. the player will always look at the mouse and will walk towards it by pressing W and away by pressing S. A and D are not used. This may seem odd but it's for 2 purposes. The original idea was that it prevented animation conflicts with the way I have the character setup but while testing it out it actually added a bit of a challenge as well.


The game is gonna be dark, real dark. Relying on the players flashlight to see whatever's in front of you. There will be area's lit up by fires and such but a majority of the map will be shrouded in night.


The play will be able to switch between a shotgun and an assault rifle. There will be no ammo limit but there will be reloads. 30 rounds to the rifle and 8 to the shotty. I'm also contemplating giving the player cooldown abilities such as a temporary turret that fights for you and what not but that'll depend on whether or not I have time to implement it.




Now for the sidescroller it's basically a fight your way in, fight your way out. You start on a beach, then enter a forest on the edge of it, cross a road, enter a compound, overload their generators, and get out. Not my most clever idea but I had to think of something fast as I'm on a schedule and this idea is the simplest to implement.


Getting the core built for this was the easiest of everything. I just set up a camera that was linked to the player to follow along side him, and then I locked the players Yaw axis so he can't look from side to side. It's technically a rather cheap way of doing this but it allows me to still make use of the engines prebuilt climb, sprint, slide, aim and shoot scripts. It also resulted in a rather different method of aiming. The player won't aim at the cursor, instead you move the mouse up to gradually aim up and down to gradually aim down, effectively turning the mouse into a joystick. Sounds weird but it felt kinda good when testing so I'm sticking with it.



It's not much but here's some examples of what I have done so far. Keep in mind this is like, 10 hours work total. Slacking off and redo's factored into time. There's a lot more progress on the Iso game so far than the sidescroller but the sidescroller will take the least time since CryENGINE will handle most of the technical stuff with it's defaults (although I won't ever be able to market it using any of that. Not like I really plan on taking it further than this class. The iso game though, maybe....)







In Editor:

CryENGINE layout



Spawned in



And some model stuff. Just because I can.



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Looks good so far... Let me know if you want any testing...

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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I've got a small bit of work done on the sidescroller. My instructor suggested that I should try an underground section of the level so I've spent the better part of today working on that. I thought my camera setup was janky before, this underground section has to be the most ghetto setup I've ever done in a game lol.


This is what it looks like in game. Not the cleanest but better than I anticipated to be honest.





And this is what it looks like in the editor. You can see why I call it ghetto, this thing is a damned mess. Gotta love those sloppy chunks of removed terrain.








At least the outside's terrain is coming along nicely, even if the lighting is doing some funny things in some areas. Ignore the white path. It's only there to mark where the player is walking.


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I don't really have anything more to show for the sidescroller yet but the top down is coming along a lot faster than I expected. I spent about 5 hours yesterday working on the assault rifle code and managed to get it to work rather splendidly. It's 30 rounds to the clip, auto reloads when it hits 0, and can be manually reloaded with R if the current clip is less than 30. There's hit detection registry against walls and enemies and if an enemy is hit it applies the appropriate damage. There's just no animations. Those come last.


I know this sounds kinda stupid to be updating with this info but on the programming side of things a lot more is going on that can make things difficult (gun still deals damage when reloading, clip count can go negative and still shoot, won't auto/manual reload, etc)


I even got a navigation mesh built (it's messy and has problems but I was a tad hurried on that and will fix it up later.) and even got my enemy block-in to seek out the player. It was a LOT simpler than I thought it would be and kinda wish I did that part earlier. :x Enemy will also die if his health hits 0. He just doesn't do anything other than follow you and die yet.


Last thing I added was a temporary UI to show the players health and current clip ammo (there's no ammo limit as it would not work with what I'm doing so I left it at infinite ammo with reloads)


Next I need to get the shotgun working (actually not looking forward to this too much as working with raycasts isn't my strongest point and I'm gonna need 8 of them for this. erf.)


If anyone has any suggestions they think would be cool, let me know and I'll consider them. :P I can't promise I'll use them (doesn't work in game style, time to make it, difficulty in creation etc.)

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Sounds good so far... Can't think of anything to add until you get further along in the back-end.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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