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Bad News :c

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Hi guys, this is gonna be quick.


My vacations are over and I'm going to school again. I enter the... how do you say "Afternoon shift", so I use the morning to make my stuff and I'm out all the day until night (when I do homework), this will be reducing my free time a lot, so the spanish subtitles are going to come out veeeery slooowwly :C



So... that's all. I'm not quitting on doing this (I'm just saying that they will come out sloowweeeerrr than usual).


That's for the Game Dungeon videos, I'll try to make my priority to translate the Freeman's Mind subtitles faster (I mean, finish them max a week after the english version of the subtitles are uploaded).


I know this is veeery wrong redacted, but I really didn't know how to say this.


Until next time, see ya :)

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