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I just finished my last day at my place of employment for my Senior Year of High School. Now I am college bound and looking for places to work there... So I wanted to ask: How were your experiences at the job you worked during High School(or your first job)?


Personally, I worked 2 jobs my senior year. My first was being a cook at a local fast food chain called Chiips. This was the job I just finished. Overall it was a positive experience. I liked every one of my co-workers and my managers were killer. Had lots of fun there. My second job, which I'm still working, was a paid internship provided through the Youth Apprenticeship Program at my school. The program got me a job at my High Schools IT Department. Basically, I just ran around to all the elementary schools in my district and fixed a bunch of computers. Still, I loved every second of it. All my co-workers were great and it felt like I had been working there for years towards the end of it.


I guess I lucked out when it came to my employments... How bout you guys?

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My first job was as a baggage handler at PHX... I was fired because someone claimed to hear me say the word "bomb", even though I never did. I was fired 3 days before 3 months, so they just barely made it under the wire for unemployment.


Second job was as a bagger for a grocery store, and stayed there 9 months until my family was moving out of state.


Took 3.5 more years to find a job after that, and then it was a pair of seasonal positions.


6 months after my last position brings me to now, and in 9 hours I start my first full-time permanent position in 9 years.

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I was a resident photographer in a club for 3 months and then kept on freelancing in the same thing without a fixed place or employer, it has gone well :D Right now I'm applying for a job at a multinational and seeing where that goes, mainly to afford photographic gear I need to upgrade/replace because what I make out of it isn't enough to keep my lifestyle and afford that in short term. After 8 months, it's been really interesting. You do get to know lots of interesting people and hear good stories, as well as see some minor shows from some intoxicated people at the later hours (not the violent kind though).

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Still in highschool and I got my first job a month ago at KFC, I come home smelling like chicken, the co-workers are weird but hey, I get money so I can't complain. If I get hungry from smelling like chicken, I can just buy some chicken.

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PM me if you have any questions or concerns! :D

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