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Elder Scrolls Online - What do you think?

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I love Skyrim so much but I don't know if I like EsO. X3 I had a look at some reviews and pictures of the game, and the world is just very... Limited. It's the MMO from hell cause you're expecting so much more. Besides. I have to pay a subscription? This IS an MMO from hell.


My friend got ESO and after a huge download cause she has really butt slow internet, she got the game and says she loves it. But she loves anything Elder Scrolls related so I can't trust her judgement. XD


What do you guys think of it? Worth it buy or not? I won't personally buy it but I want to know more about this game. X3

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PM me if you have any questions or concerns! :D

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Every Elder Scrolls game is so fundamentally different from each other it's a crap shoot if you're going to like the other games in the series if you like a certain one already. All I can say is watch/read reviews to make an informed decision on it.

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It is very different from all the rest of the games, but bear in mind that the story actually takes place before all the other games... A long time before. (800 years)


As for that, it is very well done for an MMO, even for the little bit of the beta that I managed to test. (even though I couldn't find anywhere to report bugs if my life depended on it, and nobody that would talk to me in-game knew either)

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