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Vietcong Soundtrack (+ Fist Alpha expansion)

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Vietcong (and its expansion, Fist Alpha) is one of my favourite games and its soundtrack (both original and licensed vintage music) is amazing, it hasn't been officialy released, however, save for three tracks out of which only one appears in the game. So I decided to extract the in-game music, rename the cryptic names and convert it to .mp3. If anyone knows the game well and thinks of better names for the tracks, go ahead and reply, my names are pretty basic to say the least.


And then we have the licensed tracks of vintage music of the 60's / 70's. There are totally fifteen tracks in-game, but they are filtered, because they are supposed to be played from the in-game radio. Most of these songs aren't much known, except a few of them, like Deep Purple's rendition of Hey Joe. If anyone has any vintage LPs or EPs available, check them out if you can find an original unfiltered version.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aprKilPF7-0, thanks to DackSter94 for finding (and buying!) these!

Here is the list of songs whose HQ versions have and haven't been found:


Recordings whose HQ versions have been found

Deep Purple - Hey Joe

The Groupies - Primitive

The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog

The Domes of Silence - Selfless

The Domes of Silence - Utopia

Cave and the Brothers of Love feat. Memphis Horns - Everybody Diggin'

The Bobby Lomax Journey - Firestone Eyes

Francis Collins feat. Memphis Horns - Soul Lovin'

Recordings whose HQ version have NOT been found
Cosmic Roulette - Days of Fire

Davis - Sun Sets Fine

Northfield Shack - Girls Won't Say My Name

The Fur Seeds - Hey!

The Jack Knives - Break on Free

The Living Dead - Vinyl Girl

The Outsiders - You Don't Know



Here's the soundtrack!



Also, I think this game could be a good addition to Ross's Game Dungeon, even though it's been kinda popular even in USA (and then ripped off by games like Battlefield: Vietnam).

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Hello. In case you are still interested, i have found "The Domes of Silence - Utopia" song in HQ a long time ago on the internet. Is it ok to publish a link to a website you can get it from?

Also I found that you can bye "The Domes of Silence - Selfless" on amazon, for example. I bought it already :).

You can buy Utopia from there too, but it sounds kinda different for some reason.


It seems that most of the songs sound really similar to some famous songs. From what i found:

"The Bobby Lomax Journey - Firestone Eyes" sounds like: Jimi Hendrix - Maniac Depression

"Cosmic Roulette - Days of Fire" sounds like: The Byrds - Eight Miles High

"The Fur Seeds - Hey!" sounds like: The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting for the Man

"The outsiders - You don't know" sounds like: The Doors - People Are Strange


P.S. some of this song similarities I found with help of a document about making of Vietcong found on Pterodon website. Unfortunately it seems that Pterodon's website is down and i don't have this document anymore(i think it was .pdf file)


It was my dream, one day, post all radio songs in HQ on youtube. I wonder if i'll get sued for that by this bands :D.

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By the way. I forgot that Firestone Eyes can also be found online in HQ. I can post a link if its ok to do so on this forums. Or upload it somehow. I didn't find any place to buy it.


After a little more search i found Francis Collins feat. Memphis Horns - Soul Lovin song in HQ and Cave and the Brothers of Love feat. Memphis Horns - Everybody diggin'.

I posted whatever I got till now on YouTube. The channel is DackSter1994. There is a playlist.

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Awesome! I added a link to the playlist to the first post and updated the list. This is too awesome. I might contact the authors of Vietcong if they still have the original recordings of other songs, I doubt they would throw them away. :D

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