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  1. This thing recently got backed on Kickstarter and it looks quite promising, you might be interested in it: http://hexus.net/tech/news/peripherals/94399-most-advanced-gaming-mouse-ever-success-kickstarter/
  2. Awesome! I added a link to the playlist to the first post and updated the list. This is too awesome. I might contact the authors of Vietcong if they still have the original recordings of other songs, I doubt they would throw them away.
  3. Well, here it is! It's 11 pics in total, but "only" 8 camera angles, the others are existing pics with depth of field (distance blur) added to them and I don't want to make someone very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very sad. Every pic has a glow / bloom effect, because it makes it a bit "happier" imo. I'm not a photography expert, though, so please do tell me about the pics being too bright etc., so I can fix it! http://imgur.com/a/tycvo Enjoy! It's all 1920x1080, by the way, so it's HD enough for a wallpaper (unless you're on something close to 4K. In that case, I won't do new renders because I didn't save the camera positions...)
  4. Thanks. Cinema 4D has pretty bad importer of .obj files, but a demo version of Riptide fixed that and everything is working perfectly now. I wanted to make a rendered animation, but I kind of forgot how long anything renders on my potato computer, so I'm gonna post just some pictures. Soon.
  5. Is it possible to release an .obj or a .3ds file or something like that of the maps? I would love to make a little video of camera flying around there with it looking closer to the original (it definitely looks nicer from lower perspective and I'm not a huge fan of those reflections, still a wonderful job!), etc.
  6. That's weird, it never happened to me. First, be sure that you use the latest development version, not the old "official" version. Get it here. After that, put both .wads in the GZDoom directory, if you haven't already (it's able to search in Steam files, too, but I never used it, so maybe it's unreliable). Just start GZDoom and select Strife, there's no need to drag'n'drop voices.wad onto the GZDoom executable or something like that. If the problem doesn't go away, post a bug report on ZDoom Forums. --- PROTIP: Ross said that dynamic lights don't show up in GZDoom. That's false, they're just not loaded. Open gzdoom.ini in folder with GZDoom, find line [Global.Autoload] and add Path=lights.pk3 under it, so it looks like this: [Global.Autoload] Path=lights.pk3 Then enable dynamic lights in Options > Display Options > OpenGl Options > Dynamic Light Options > Dynamic Lights Enabled. Be sure to TURN OFF Force additive lighting, because they are ugly and good only to increase performance, but then why would you even use dynamic lights, anyway?
  7. That's a creative title, right? Anyway, this game from 2011 is pretty damn cool, but has an amazing mostly fake chip-tune soundtrack, though sometimes there are different genres, I have no idea how to name them. The game is freeware, by the way, and you can get it on GOG.com. Ok, no more talking, here are the links: (It's available only on Bandcamp, I couldn't find any mirrors on YouTube etc.) Game soundtrack on Bandcamp Game on GOG.com Game's official site They are currently working on Treasure Adventure World, a remake of TAG and its music is already done but it just isn't so good, the mastering is weird there imo.
  8. Veteran Edition doesn't have edited / removed strife1.wad and voices.wad files, so you can still use it with source ports like ZDoom. I didn't try it, yet, but I think it would be better to just use GZDoom with some OpenGl effect injectors, because the dialogue system in VE stays the same like in the original - with giant font covering up the portraits, horizontal line of colons (-) and a big Sigil icon as cursor. I know that these are minor things, but they piss me off. By the way, Ross, what renditions did you listen to that were "promising"? :3
  9. Thanks! Is it going to be available on YouTube, too? About the timing, it's not really a problem for me and YouTube forces only one subtitle to be shown at a time and the previous one must finish before the next can be shown. It works fine there and since most of the people watch the show on YouTube, it's okay. I don't know how other players handle it, but I use VLC and I didn't find any settings about this matter, only time shift of every subtitle, visual stuff and encoding.
  10. Hello, I decided to make subtitles and since danielsangeo already made english subtitles, I based mine of his (It would take me weeks without them, so thanks!). I started with Tyrian (it's the shortest episode and one of my favorites), and I'll be adding other episodes. They're in .srt format and Ross's rules compliant, so they could be uploaded to YouTube, I think. DOWNLOAD: Tyrian Note: All links go to my Dropbox, through bit.ly for shortening and download statistics Note 2: I noticed that the original subtitles have sometimes weird timing and times may overlap each other. YouTube somehow eliminates this from the view, but in players it causes subtitles to be stacked for a split second. I didn't edit the timing, except one line.
  11. Title says it all and since all the information and stuff is on ZDoom forums, here's the link: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=48937
  12. I took one quote from the video quite literally... iT6aiU5PkIw
  13. Vietcong (and its expansion, Fist Alpha) is one of my favourite games and its soundtrack (both original and licensed vintage music) is amazing, it hasn't been officialy released, however, save for three tracks out of which only one appears in the game. So I decided to extract the in-game music, rename the cryptic names and convert it to .mp3. If anyone knows the game well and thinks of better names for the tracks, go ahead and reply, my names are pretty basic to say the least. And then we have the licensed tracks of vintage music of the 60's / 70's. There are totally fifteen tracks in-game, but they are filtered, because they are supposed to be played from the in-game radio. Most of these songs aren't much known, except a few of them, like Deep Purple's rendition of Hey Joe. If anyone has any vintage LPs or EPs available, check them out if you can find an original unfiltered version. , thanks to DackSter94 for finding (and buying!) these!Here is the list of songs whose HQ versions have and haven't been found: Here's the soundtrack! http://bit.ly/VietcongReRelease Also, I think this game could be a good addition to Ross's Game Dungeon, even though it's been kinda popular even in USA (and then ripped off by games like Battlefield: Vietnam).
  14. The topic kinda died down here, let's revive it! I didn't include TES and Valve games soundtracks.
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