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  1. I was going to post it in the Strife thread, but it doesn't seem necessary to bump that dead thread for this question: How did Ross get GZDoom to uses Voices.WAD correctly? It's not working correctly for me (Voices only play after the chat interface is closed), and while they work in Vavoom, the white specks are getting to me and the running speed is too damn fast.
  2. Experimental videos? You have my attention!
  3. That was a bit anticlimactic. Still, though, it's nice that you've resurrected this series. For posterity's sake, could you upload the screensaver somewhere?
  4. I sent you a PM regarding the lavalier mic. I wasn't sure if that was the proper method of contacting you about this. I did send you a PM the other day about a microphone that was at a huge discount, but the deal's probably ended by now and it wasn't a lavalier mic, anyway. So, if you haven't read that one yet, just ignore it now. Regardless, it's nice to see that you're back!
  5. Putting something through the grinder is not equal to being a critic. If your strategy as a critic revolves almost primarily around being aggressive and hypocritical, you're a bad critic. And, yes, I'm talking about myself here as well.
  6. Pfff.... he sounds more like super- annoyed complaining person (and I know what I'm talking about) than a reviewer... It's probably his style but it doesn't impress me at all. I smiled once and the whole video felt tiring... Yeah, I know I don't have much room to talk, especially in this thread, but... This guy talks way too fast, jumps around too much, is somewhat hypocritical, and I agree with one of the commentators in particular: "So after yammering about how little games lately have anything close to a story, he ignores one of the few story driven games that have come out lately? Yahtzze i know you are a picky person but come one, if you wish for something at least have the decency to acknowledge it when you get it, instead of saying "yawn, too much text. NEXT"" I think when I'm annoyed by shit like this, you've gone a tad too far.
  7. There's this new restaurant where I live that's ran by a family from Germany. If it weren't for the food, you wouldn't realize the accent is German. Technically, if this game wanted to be really cheap, I'm sure that some Pennsylvanian Dutch would lend a hand. People who grew up in places with PA Dutch seem to have the perfect accent to me: Not too foreign, but certainly different. Check out the guy on the right for what I mean: wjr2CexQ5V4
  8. I'm with you on this one. Supposedly, that's what they were going for with Sonic 06, too. It was supposed to be a reboot of the series, however, it flopped. Similar to Wolfenstein, actually. It was an overall good game, but there were some major issues that prevented it from being what it set out to be.
  9. Oh, Ross, I wanted to ask, albeit slightly off topic: How is the microphone situation coming along? It doesn't sound like you're using a different microphone recently.
  10. I'll admit it: I crave more Freeman's Mind. However, if Ross says that this movie is going to be better than Freeman's Mind, then I'll be damned, I want to see that movie as much as he wants to make it. And, yeah, the fact that Ross kept alluding to the pumpkins, even in some comments on the video, is damned funny. [/ooc moment] Now, something did bother me about those headshots, thought. Was it me, or was their blood a bit oddly colored? I don't know, it felt like something was wrong with their heads.
  11. I'm surprised, Ross. I haven't watched the video yet, but normally I expect an April Fools video from you. It was actually one of the first things on my mind today. ETA (edited to add, for those wondering): To quote the soldier in Half-Life: "Hahaha, I see it." Well done.
  12. I thought it was a 21:9 screenshot that was reduced in size, but the ratio was wrong, and it looked like both halves were squareish. I didn't know if it was some weird side effect of something like stretching the image over 2 monitors. I imagine on any monitor set in multiples of 2 that would be painful as your crosshair would be dead center between 2 monitors. Regarding bugs: In HL2: Update, do CPs seem a bit...Sluggish? Their actions seem to be a bit delayed when they first see me. I'll try to keep a calm, rational head this time 'round. I did my best job at staying level headed and reasonable and added more...constructive criticism. I hope it's enough, because I want to keep discussing this.
  13. That, uh, shouldn't be happening. Are you sure everything installed correctly? Are your graphics card drivers old? Try verifying Half Life 2's game cache. By the way: Are you playing on 2 4:3 monitors? Because your crosshair isn't exactly at the center. Let me fix that for you: You aren't going to gain any friends if you talk to everyone like that, but just for you I reformatted my post. How is this one, my liege: Extremely long post: 15,000+ characters.
  14. Extremely long post: 15,000+ characters.
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