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Anyone else remember this game?





Z is from the old DOS days and I think was meant as a sort of satire on C&C (it's an RTS where you play as, for and against psychotic robots...one of the basic types are even called Psychos).


It worked on a capture-the-flag mechanic where the owner of the flag controlled that territory and any buildings within (robot/vehicle factories, radar, repair bay, etc). Also owning more territories increased the build rate of all your factories. Buildings and bridges can be destroyed and repaired but not built, so this game is all about the offensive, there's no base building and rarely time to prepare a tank rush.


One of the best features for me is the outspoken robots who make fun of you when you're clearly losing or stalling or they'll freak out if you ask them to do something stupid (like sending them to kill a much more powerful unit), but they also cheer you on and encourage you to go in for the kill when you're winning.


I played this a lot as a kid, it's quite hard to find a decent version these days as you have to run it on dosbox and the downloads I find are typically missing the cut scenes (half the reason of playing) or all the audio. If anyone knows a good one let me know, otherwise I guess I'll have to get an old CD off ebay and hope I can make that work.

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