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French subtitles: Ross's game dungeon: Revenant part 1

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One thing I did notice as I was going through this. It seems to have somewhat odd capitalization here and there, where words in the middle of sentences (but in a new "screen") are capitalized. For example, lines 54 and 55 are written like this:



Donc, puisque vous êtes un badass historique,

ils vous ont ressucité pour la ramener,



Et de démolir quiconque se met

en travers de votre chemin.


It seems that, with the comma at the end of 54, the beginning of 55 should be lowercase ("et de démolir..."). I'm not 100% sure of the grammar rules where it comes to French (the word "and" starting the new "screen"), but it feels off.


Also, this might be a stylistic choice, but I prefer having the line lengths to be somewhat similar in length where possible. In line 102, you wrote:

Vous pouvez choisir si vous voulez ou non être du côté du garde,

mais ça n'a aucune importance.


I think it would look better written as such:

Vous pouvez choisir si vous voulez ou non être

du côté du garde, mais ça n'a aucune importance.


But that's just me. Thanks so much for making this, however, and I hope you have the courage to cover part 2 and the rest of the subs that aren't done yet! :D Go Mamajumbo!

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Thank your for your observations. Yes indeed it should be lowercase in 54 55, probably a mistake done when I was half asleep on my keyboard. For the lenghts of soms sentences I have no answers I'm sure I checked if it looked like the english subtitles. I am very happy however to see you can read french letters: éėê, I tried once to download a freemans mind french subtitle to have an idea of what it looks like and these éėê were replaced with an odd compositions of symbols. This happened to me in a lot of recent games like skyrim, where some books couldn't handle these accents.

Anyway, Ill take a look soon and correct before it gets uploaded on the video.

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