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Hi, I have to do a review of anything non-blockbuster and I chose that April Fools episode of Doom Guy's Mind. I have to post my review somewhere and link it, so any feedback would be appreciated, but don't feel forced. Thanks!



Doom Guy's Mind



In a similar vein to Ross Scott's popular web series that chronicled the originally mute Gordon Freeman's inner thoughts as he battled through Black Mesa during after an experiment gone wrong started an alien invasion, Doom Guy's Mind is a single episode April Fools video that was the mute protagonists inner thoughts as he battled through Mars' moon Phobos, destroying zombies and demons set to death metal and with a gravelly voice.

This single episode captures the entire feeling of playing Doom in a nutshell, with massive brutality, blood, gore, big guns, hideous monsters and ass kicking. It starts off with the characteristic opening of Freeman's Mind, replacing Gordon Freeman's head with Doomguy's head (Doomguy being the name of the protagonist in Doom) and dissolves to the game, shortly followed by this line "Oh zombies, daddy's back!", cue death metal and he immediately gets to killing. He spouts profane and witty one-liners throughout the episode, like "Quit whining, you sound like my ex!" to a zombie with its lower body blown away by a shotgun blast, shooting it again in the face, and "Haha, two-for-one special" after blowing away two zombies with one shotgun blast. A zombie started screaming and running at him and his response after shooting it in the face with his shotgun was "A shotgun to the face is the perfect cure for being an asshole!" and after clearing a room full of enemies with a chain gun he quips "Damn, that made me work up a sweat! I wouldn't mind going for a cold beer and watching some wrestling right about now!"



These one-liners continue throughout the episode, but he doesn't just swear and kill tonnes of enemies, he also pokes fun at the game logic, like asking "Why doesn't my key-card for that other door work on this one too? The designers of this place must've been space crazy!" in relation to the game's need for you to collect a different key-card for every locked door in the game, to make the game longer, when in real-life one key-card would usually open most doors in an area. He also finds another marine tied up and he goes to untie him but due to certain sprites in Doom rotating to face you at all times to save on memory, he can't because he can't get behind him like in real-life you would need to do to untie someone.



In conclusion, this one episode had enough potential to be an entire series, due to Ross Scott's ability to make a realistic Let's Play of any game worth watching, and even though it was only an April Fools prank making it seem like he was doing this as a series, the commenter's wanted this to be a series on its own. The relatively simple idea of making a series revolving around playing the game as someone in the protagonists shoes would actually do it in real-life was executed really well here, and this makes this a must watch for all Doom fans that wanted Doomguy to have a voice.

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As someone who learned English as a second language, I find first two sentences verrrrrry loooong (oh wait, that's just one sentence...) :shock: I'd have some questions about the style and grammar, but I haven't repeated my English grammar for a while ;) So I won't play an expert. Seems good enaugh 8-)

Ross's girlfriend (IRL) Twitter: @AmazingMagda follow me! ^^to somewhere! ^^

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Yeah, definitely split the first sentence right before you start talking about Doom Guy's Mind. You also need to find a way to split up the first sentence of the second and third paragraphs, since they're either excessively long or multiple sentences that are connected with a comma.


Here's a tip... Start saying the sentence aloud, and see if it would be the sort of sentence you'd hear in normal conversation. It it wouldn't, you should probly try to rewrite it.


Content is good, but you definitely need to work a bit on the grammar and sentence structure.


PS: If you can find a way to use a semicolon correctly in this, you'll blow your teacher's mind. (your teacher probly doesn't even know how to properly use a semicolon)

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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