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Imminent Uprising / Digital Homicide

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As of right now, my favorite company in the indie development market would have to be Imminent Uprising aka Digital Homicide, but not because they're in any way a good developer. They are, for lack of better words, professional Man-babies. They have thrown the most fantastic temper tantrums after receiving negative reviews on their games I've ever seen, making the outburst that Phil Fish; creator of Fez; had look like a drop in the water. This developer is most well known for buying asset packs off the unity store and compiling them into the bare minimum hardly functional framework of a 'game' and then defending their decisions as if they're the saintly image of indie development there is.


If you don't know about what's been going on, here's a few video's that explain this incident in perfect detail.


Jim Sterling was at the center of the first meltdown and has since documented everything in a video he likes to call the Steam Meltdown Saga.




Other youtubers have also gone on to cover a little bit of what happened such as TotalBiscuit, and a smaller channel I've followed for a while by the name of AllShamNoWow.


Sham recently released a video talking about Digital Homicides newest, ironic addition to their lineup of asset compilations known as Temper Tantrum.




As an aspiring developer myself, this strikes a particularly frustrating nerve. They've gone on record multiple times mouthing off bullshit such as "our actions keep the indie market healthy by circulating money". Which if they had half a brain would realize that soiling the name "indie developer" is in no way helping anyone. I don't want my position to be identified with doing the bare minimum of work possible and then releasing a shitty product to the public, and I certainly do NOT want someone who does this practice speaking for me like that.


In the end I feel this developer has a legitimate case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If that's true, then there's absolutely nothing we can do to reason with them because they believe firmly that they're right and we're wrong, regardless of majority.

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I haven't gotten very far into that podcast at all and it's very difficult to continue listening to it. Before even hitting the 10 minute mark he's been throwing out arguments that don't make much sense and the "well what about you?" kind of passive aggressive responses. By minute 15 he's already throwing out insults and getting indignant when insults are sent back.


I don't know if I'm gonna be able to last the full hour and 40 minutes.


Edit: I made it to minute 21 then I had to stop. Yeugh. Jim Sterling, you're a stronger person than I.

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