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Your liked/hated enemies in Video Games:Diablo 2

If you like one,vote and comment.If you hate one,just leave a comment.  

  1. 1. If you like one,vote and comment.If you hate one,just leave a comment.

    • Act I-The Fallen,Zombies,Spike Fiends,Wendigos,Corrupt Rogues,Skeletons,Goatmen,Blood Hawks,Tainted,Wraiths
    • Act II-Mummies,Sand Raiders,Leapers,Scarabs,Sabre Cats,Vultures,Bats,Flies,Maggots,Claw Vipers,Vampires,Blunderbores
    • Act III-Fetishes,Hulks,Mosquitoes,Willowisps,Frogs,Baboons,Watchers,Zakarum
    • Act IV-Megademons,Undead Knights,Finger Mages,Vile Ones,Regurgitators
    • Act V-Minions,Death Maulers,Imps,Overseers,Siege Beasts,Reanimated Hordes,Snowmen,Frozen Horrors,Minotaurs,Succubi,Minions Of Destruction

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The Fallen,Goatmen,Fetishes,Megademons and Minions are my most favourite enemies.

SCARABS-LIGHTNING EVERYWHERE. :evil: I hate them so much....*sob*

Flies,Wraiths,Vampires,Finger Mages and Imps are very annoying.

Minions Of Destruction....I don't wanna talk about it.


"Hark! Dost thou hear with thine ears what I hear with mine? Interloper! No quarter shall be shown hither, fiend! Anon! Show thyself, churl!"


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