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Voicies.WAD and Strife.

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I was going to post it in the Strife thread, but it doesn't seem necessary to bump that dead thread for this question:


How did Ross get GZDoom to uses Voices.WAD correctly? It's not working correctly for me (Voices only play after the chat interface is closed), and while they work in Vavoom, the white specks are getting to me and the running speed is too damn fast.

Yeah, turn on all the mushrooms; I don't care about the power bill.

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That's weird, it never happened to me.

First, be sure that you use the latest development version, not the old "official" version. Get it here.

After that, put both .wads in the GZDoom directory, if you haven't already (it's able to search in Steam files, too, but I never used it, so maybe it's unreliable). Just start GZDoom and select Strife, there's no need to drag'n'drop voices.wad onto the GZDoom executable or something like that. If the problem doesn't go away, post a bug report on ZDoom Forums.




PROTIP: Ross said that dynamic lights don't show up in GZDoom. That's false, they're just not loaded. Open gzdoom.ini in folder with GZDoom, find line [Global.Autoload] and add Path=lights.pk3 under it, so it looks like this:


Then enable dynamic lights in Options > Display Options > OpenGl Options > Dynamic Light Options > Dynamic Lights Enabled. Be sure to TURN OFF Force additive lighting, because they are ugly and good only to increase performance, but then why would you even use dynamic lights, anyway?

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