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Subtitles - All Call to Arms!

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Hello folks!


Some of you might know me from the Subtitles section and other sections of the Accursed Farms forums, but I am also, strangely enough for me, the official subtitler of the videos (in English anyway)!


When I was young, I remember taking the movie "The Lion King" by Disney, and trying to make subtitles for it, for some reason. I didn't get very far--only to the "Hakuna Matata" song (and I couldn't spell "Hakuna Matata" and didn't know how it was supposed to be spelled so I gave up), but the interest was certainly there. Then I got WinAmp and found a "lyrics" plugin allowing for timing of "subtitles" and I was hooked.


When I came across Freeman's Mind, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try again, considering there was a call for them. Then, before I knew it, I had subbed all the videos. And I'm still doing it!


Other people have gotten into the act and have started making translations for the subtitles into non-English languages. Thank you for everything! However, it is pretty hit-or-miss. Some languages, like Russian, have well over half of the videos done, but other languages, like Czech and Portuguese, only has one video subbed, so...


This is a call to arms! Subtitle translators wanted!


Because I have every video subtitled on Accursed Farms, if you want to translate, you can simply take the subs I created and just translate them in place without changing the timing. Here's what it currently looks like:




Lots of holes!


If anyone wants to take a stab at filling in the holes but you don't know how, let me know! I'm willing to help!


P.S.: What are those "RT" cells, you ask? Well, those are subtitles that have been done but are not currently correct. They will need to be redone or retimed to fit the current videos.



I need more non-English subtitles! Make it happen, folks! :mrgreen:

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