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giving away games

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If you have spare game, drop it here.


Why make this topic? well, i do have few spare games (bought random key pack, these are ones im not really interested in, so meh- all steam btw):

*all keys taken*


if you want one (or heck, as far as im concerned, all of them), let me know. nothing special, i know, but hey- its free for you as i already got suckered into paying for it -.-

also, if you have spare key, post it in this topic

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I have a few humble bundle keys if anybody wants them. Just PM me, and I'll update the list later.



  • Coin Crypt
    Company of Heroes™ 2: German Commander - Storm Doctrine
    Company of Heroes™ 2: German Skin - Four Color Disruptive Pattern
    Company of Heroes™ 2: Soviet Commander - Conscripts Support Tactics
    Company of Heroes™ 2: Soviet Skin - Four Color Belorussian
    Gotham City Impostors: Professional Kit



  • Gunman Clive
    Mighty Switch Force!
    Moon Chronicles Episode 1
    Woah Dave!



  • Ghost Recon Phantoms E3 Avatar
    Ghost Recon Phantoms Starter Pack



  • Warframe 7-day Credit and Affinity Booster Packs
    Warframe Booster Pack
    World of Tanks Invite Code
    World of Warships Bonus Content
    World of Warships Closed Beta Key
    EVE Online: Rifter Ship Skin

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