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Request: MechCommander

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Dear Ross,


I humbly request that you check out the game's MechCommander Gold, MechCommander 2, and MechCommander Omnitech.


MechCommander Gold: A bundle of the original MechCommander, and it's expansion Desperate Measures. You can download the ISO for free, but the installer won't work on 64-bit operating systems or on Windows 8.1/10. The newest thing you can use to play MCG is Windows 7 32-bit.


MechCommander 2: A game that was made Open Source when the developers of the Battletech franchise went out of business. The OpenSource version does not support video playback or multiplayer, but you can always get the MechCommander 2 ISO if you want that stuff.


MechCommander Omnitech: A standalone mod for MechCommander 2 that was made with the source code, almost becoming a different game with the number of revisions.

Wolfman MC2X: Another standalone mod based on the released source code.


- - - - -


MechCommander is a Real-Time Tactics game, and a spinoff title of the Battletech franchise and the MechWarrior videogames. As opposed to an RTS, you don't mine resources or build troops. You'll see in more detail when you play the game.


Here is the current MechCommander fansite:


Here, you can download the ISOs for MechCommander Gold and MechCommander 2, as well as the installers for MechCommander Omnitech and Wolfman's MC2X.


- - - - -


I am unsure whether you will love the game or hate it, but I do know that you will love the SOUNDTRACKS. You can find the music in the games' files under ...\data\sound

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