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Torrent of all Freeman's Mind episodes in original quality

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Hey everyone! I thought that since there's a thread on the Accursed Farms subeddit about a torrent of all Freeman's Mind episodes that posting a thread here as well (honestly, I've copied and pasted text from the original thread since it's easier) would be appropriate since everyone here is undoubtedly a fan of FM.


Here's the text from the original post:


I recently discovered that all episodes of Freeman's Mind are available through HTTP downloads on Accursed Farms, which I really appreciate since they're in their original quality and can be watched without an internet connection. Unfortunately, the downloads aren't very fast and can't be downloaded at the same time through conventional means.


A few people including myself have decided to seed all of the episodes (after getting Ross's approval) as an alternative to HTTP, and the results so far have been very good, With a good internet connection all episodes can usually be downloaded within an hour.


Here's a .torrent file:




Or if you just want to copy the magnet link:




There's even a shortened version of the magnet link that's easy to remember:




I recommend using Deluge or Transmission if you haven't used torrents before, as they're free to use, are cross-platform, and aren't malicious. Also, make sure your torrent client's network settings have protocols including DHT and Peer Exchange (PEX) enabled for best performance.


Also worth noting is that while there are a couple dedicated seedboxes, please seed if you can! Having more peers always helps keep download speeds up so people can enjoy the series sooner rather than later.


If you have any questions, then please feel free to comment!


It's been about a week since the torrent was made and it's still going strong, especially since there's a decent swarm built up by now. I'd also like to stress that since these are the original files from the official download pages they'll be missing some features compared to the Youtube uploads, namely subtitle support even though there's technically subtitle support within the MKV format. I'd add them myself, but I'd rather provide the torrent as an alternative download method to the original files. If subtitles do eventually get added, then I could have the updated episodes reseeded.

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