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So I have been playing a MMO a third person shooter called Warframe which was developed by Digital Extremes and let me say I hate this game. Warframe is limited and boring in every conceivable measure except graphically. Because apparently that was worthwhile to Digital Extremes and I can go fuck myself for wanting to play a video game with interesting mechanics. Anyway on to my points of criticism.


Warframe is the video game equivalent of a sleazy and deceptive door to door salesman. When you first start playing Warframe it makes you think you're going to have a great time with it. Then the microtransactions start to creep in. From that point on you have three choices either you buy the premium currency, pull double duty by farming crafting components and waiting forever. Of course Digital Extreme I would love to not play Warframe for 3 days straight while I wait for something to be crafted you stupid developer.


Your loadout is limited to three types of weapons and five powers depending on what level your Warframe(Warframe's equivalent of a class) is for the whole game. So you can have anywhere between 4 killing methods to 8 killing methods. That's not enough variety for the game to stay fresh and not go stale.


On the topic of variety there isn't any in Warframe at all. There are two factions(not exactly but might as well be) you can fight in one of 7 possible scenarios over and over again. Along with procedural levels with not enough room variety. I once ran through 3 of the exact same rooms.


The weapons are not fun to use. In Warframe you have to choose between speed or damage. You'll be screwed regardless of which way you go about it. You can install mods but they're capped to five levels and vary in terms of helpfulness. They can either be helpful like giving you a 15% damage increase or not be helpful at all like giving you a 5% increase to your ammo capacity. Also the mod drops are random and infrequent. So honestly what's the point?


The weapons are incredibly unbalanced. You can acquire some of the most powerful weapons in Warframe in as little as 3 ranks. Which does not take anytime at all to acquire. This makes acquiring any other less powerful weapon pointless. Why would you bother leveling your MK1-Paris when you could craft and level a Vectis sniper rifle?


There are so many pits you can fall into and not be able to progress as a result. Remember the 5% increase to ammo capacity I mentioned. Well you can upgrade it to a maximum of 25% and strap yourself of credits in the process. That is one of the many pitfalls that can prevent you from progressing. The game is incredibly vague and unhelpful in terms of helping you. I had to carefully plan out everything I did to make sure I wasn't screwing myself over in the process.


Finally there is no end game to Warframe. Got 3 of the best weapons in the game alongside one of the best Warframes in the game? Congratulations, now you no longer need to play Warframe.


I will admit that Warframe is fun with friends but that's the only time it ever is. Warframe's a quick game you play with your buddies and nothing more. If you're at all considering to play Warframe make sure to play it with friends. If you want to solo Warframe please heed my warning and don't do it. You'll unconsciously thank me for that. Trying to solo Warframe is downright painful and not worth the effort. Take it from someone who's played Warframe to practical completion. if I could undo all of the progress I made in Warframe and play something else I would've without hesitiation.

I'm not saying I started the fire. But I most certain poured gasoline on it.

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Those are the main reasons I won't ever play that game, despite many asking if I wanted to play it with them.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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