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Need voice actors for half-life map

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Anyone up for unpaid job?

I'm making Half-Life map and need few voice actors to cover few lines. This will probably grow into mod. But small things first.


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Your voice is ok as long as it is not childish, as there are no children in HL universe lol. German accent would fit scientist, because they do work abroad a lot of times. So it is only your microphone that could ruin this. How can I contact you so you could send me a demo?

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I'm up for voice acting... I have a somewhat decent mic, and a good recording device. I should be able to provide a decent lossless (FLAC) demo if you have a role in mind for one of most USA originating accents, since I've lived in areas that used/originated most of them. (drawl, midwest, redneck, southern [not drawl], and many different speech patterns)

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