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    Every single thing European patriots predicted is happening. Thank you all retards politicians who sees world trough pink glasses. I love this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4nBC-jVEjA Please note this video was posted 5 years ago. Since then all problems he mentioned grew with no sign of stopping. Liberals can destroy world, not nationalists. Btw. Israel is most nationalistic western world country, ironically.
  2. R3ANIM4T0R

    General American Politics Thread

    People say Trump voters are stupid an they vote for Sanders - man who has no clue how economy works and one of his promises is double minimal wage. Even corrupt oligarchs from third world countries do not promise shit like that. Hilary ir corporations whore, in best case scenario she would do nothing, like Obama. Obama managed to do absolutely nothing in 10 years of service. So we have Trump. No he is not perfect in any way. But western world needs something fresh, something new. Need some patriotism, nationalism, need to become great again. Europe is also electing more and more right politicians, because of what insane nonsense idiotic leftists have done. Shit like that: https://www.facebook.com/1609776849267928/videos/1691436504435295/ West will be great again. Btw, I'm from Europe.
  3. R3ANIM4T0R

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    Chaos Engine.
  4. R3ANIM4T0R

    Need voice actors for half-life map

    Your voice is ok as long as it is not childish, as there are no children in HL universe lol. German accent would fit scientist, because they do work abroad a lot of times. So it is only your microphone that could ruin this. How can I contact you so you could send me a demo?
  5. Hello. Anyone up for unpaid job? I'm making Half-Life map and need few voice actors to cover few lines. This will probably grow into mod. But small things first. Thanks!
  6. R3ANIM4T0R

    General Chat

    Hello. Anyone up for unpaid job? I'm making Half-Life map and need few voice actors to cover few lines. Thanks!

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