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Bringing games to the forefront of the media is a good thing.


While this is important, I think making movies out of games takes a step in the wrong direction rather than pushing out things like esports or streaming. Games are great because there is no real set narrative because play interaction changes experiences. Games as a social gathering deliver different, unique narratives to many people. The issue with movies is that its a static experience. Of course the obvious argument would be that walking simulators would also give a fairly static experience, but I would argue that the experience is still altered by having player control whereas a movie is guided by some director.

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Movies are a great way to recapture the linear gameplay found in most shooters... Just look at Freeman's Mind as an example of how linear shooters work in a non-interactive video format. (I'll give you a hint, it was good enough to get you to register, read, and post on this site)

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