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Hotline Miami 2 Fanmade Soundtrack

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Several months prior to Hotline Miami 2's release I came across this video. It appears to be a fanmade soundtrack stitched together from different music tracks and artists. But man, if this doesn't encapsulate the fever dream nightmare that is Hotline Miami 2 then I don't know what does and the first two tracks absolutely nails it. The rest are kinda so-so except the end track which is also pretty good. But it's the way the first two are arranged that gets me and this is done with only two tracks. How is that not amazing?




00:00 Revin Goff - Harlots https://soundcloud.com/revingoff/harlets

03:07 Fantastisizer - Breaking Point https://fantastisizer.bandcamp.com/track/breaking-point

05:17 Track 5 ??? Presumed to be the video authors

08:36 Track 6 ??? Presumed to be the video authors

11:08 Nowtro - After Dark

I'm not saying I started the fire. But I most certain poured gasoline on it.

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Yes, I know that this is an old thread but still I want to clear things out.


Track 5 actually was made by a russian synthpop composer known as GLWZBLL. His music is brilliant.

Check out his stuff here:


http://glwzbll.bandcamp.com - his old stuff

http://dudecalmdown.bandcamp.com - his new project


Now about the Track 6. Its original name is “Miami“ and it was made by another russian composer ALTWAVE. Hes mostly focused on generic retrowave. He got some awesome tunes as well:


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