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Freeman's Mind: Source - Black Mesa remake of FM

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Not bad, but the audio doesn't correspond with the footage in some places

Like Freeman says "Oh wow, a robot!" before the doors even open and he sees one. More minor examples: the rocket for the tour, and "BZZT". And it also seems that the footage plays by few seconds later than audio.


And as neat of idea this is, I don't think this is gonna work out that great. Parts of "Black Mesa" are a lot different than "Half-Life", and some of the dialogue would sound just weird and not fitting at all. Case in point:


The ambush at the end of Questionable Ethics.


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I don't doubt you can edit the original audio as you see fit to line up with the newer games footage, but there already is a more ambitious Black Mesa Mind series called Stark's Mind on a channel called Λnion. I get this is a remake and so a different thing, but why not have a go at making an entirely different Mind series. It's more work but there is no shortage of first person shooters. But I don't want to discourage, its your baby!

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