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Ok, here are the two writings I currently have on the universe... These are not final, just 1st drafts, (and missing quite a few names that I'll be asking for some help with) as I wrote them this morning between 6 & 7AM, just before heading to bed.


THIS IS NOT AN ANIME UNIVERSE!!! (I loathe anime-type universes, there's simply no grounding in reality with them)


The main thing you need to remember is that there is practically no magic outside of the Mage Tower. There are 6 total "wild wizards" outside of the tower, and you will never meet them, nor hear anything more substantial than 4th-hand rumors of rumors about them. There is magic, but the most powerful you will ever be able to use as a player inside The Kingdom is being able to light a campfire without any tools. (but only if it's in very dry wood and lots of tinder) Any magic more significant than this becomes a matter for the Mage Tower, and they will begin to take notice of your actions. It doesn't matter how good you are at concealing your magical abilities, because they can feel every use of magic within the borders of The Kingdom. Magic used in The Wilds is undetectable to the Mage Tower, simply because The Wilds are naturally filled with magical beasts, locations, and artifacts.


When the Mage Tower begins to take notice of you, they will begin to send small search and surveil teams to locate and investigate if you are a wizard that they feel should be in the Tower. If there is a S&S team in your vicinity, and you perform any higher-order magic, they will attempt to detain you, and return you to the Tower. No one who has been taken to the Tower in this fashion has ever been seen or heard from again. The teams are composed of at least 1 Mage Hunter, 2 Paladins, 4 Knights, and 10 Elite Soldiers.


Mage Hunter: A mage of significant power and training. Equivalent of a NAVY SEAL vs a bunch of pineapples if you ever get into a confrontation with him/her.

Paladin: Excessively well trained in martial arts, and all melee weapons. Always heavily armed and armored.

Knights: Very well trained in swordplay, and uses very heavy armor.

Elite Soldier: Well trained in both crossbow, and swordplay. Leather or scale armor, very fast and agile. Likes to hit once with the crossbow, then engage in melee combat.


After a short while (a couple months) of searching for you, if they can find no significant magic, or they don't see you commit any crimes, (or find reason to suspect you of any crimes) the Tower will recall their team, and lose interest.


BEWARE!!! Do not venture into The Wilds without first gaining a few levels and learning the basics by dealing with bandits and the like within The Kingdom. If you aren't at least level 5, and equipped very well, you will die a slow (or very fast) and painful death in The Wilds. The Wilds are also the only place to gain the fortune, adventure, or power your character seeks. (and the only way to gain any significant magical ability whatsoever)


This 'history' is supposed to be all that is known of the history of the universe that is available to people outside of the Mage Tower.

This planet was once a colony of the planet Earth. Earth had sent a huge generational colony ship to the planet, and even terraformed it for the planned expansion of the United Earth Alliance. However, the star Sol was targeted by a terrorist attack, and the vast majority of the human population of the galaxy was wiped out, and all knowledge of the colony ship lost.


Upon the arrival of the ship, it was discovered that they were alone, and a breeding program was put in place to ensure the survival of the colony. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen illnesses and injuries, the colonial population maintained a constant decline for the first 15 generations. It was decided that genetic engineering was to be employed to introduce significantly different genetic patterns into the gene pool.


After a few generations of this, it was discovered that there were certain electromagnetic fields that could easily be manipulated by a properly engineered mind. (the root of all modern magic, the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields with nothing but the mind, enough to cause movement, heating, or other effects remotely) The scientists in charge of the alterations began extensive experimentation, ranging from altering animals, to human trials.


About 50 generations passed before 'magic' was ubiquitous. The colony began to expand, scientific discovery flourished, and offspring were plentiful. This continued for several millennia, eventually covering the entire landmass of the planet with giant cities of crystal, and gardens that many would consider to be paradise.


Then disaster struck. A scientist began working to try and improve the magic centers of the minds of the population, but these alterations were illegal for a reason. There was no warning, just a giant wave of electromagnetic energy that wiped all computers, destroyed all the power generators, and fried the minds of all but the least powerful magic users.


The Disaster had reduced the planet's population from nearly 12 billion, down to under 100 million, and many had become insane. The sane ones moved south, to the most temperate and fertile land on the planet's main continent, and started building towns and farms. The insane ones destroyed anything that resembled the technology that had destroyed them, and left nothing but ruin in their wake.


The Aftermath lasted for nearly 100 years before the first Mage Tower was built, and all the towns were slowly gathered into The Kingdom by the Archmage. Nearly 1000 years went by before the first experiments started taking place, all on the edge of the civilized areas of the continent. Alterations to animals and plants first, then convicted murderers. The Forge Serpent, the Mountain Rhino, the Roc, the Drakes, and the Death Bloom were all creations of this time.


Disaster befell the world yet again, this time in the form of a plague. The plague started in the Mage Tower, and caused the loss of most magic ability in most of the people it infected, and death to some. Nothing could stop it, and the Mage Tower ended up being destroyed as a last ditch attempt to stop it. It didn't work. The Kingdom's population dropped down to under 1 million people, and the few remaining mages built a new Mage Tower, designed as a quarantine, and forbade any higher-level magics from being used outside the tower without special dispensation from the Archmage.


It has been almost 3000 years since those events, and the population of The Kingdom is now around 10 million people. The Mage Tower has total authority in all things, and they are tasked with preventing another devastating magical disaster from ever occurring.


Please tell me what you think so far, I really need the feedback.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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Here's another one, a 'spice' story to help fill out the world a bit.


Many centuries ago, there was a giant storm that covered the entire world, here is it’s story.


The Legend of the Great Storm


A group of adventurers had ventured into The Wilds to seek their fame and fortune, however they were instead met with ancient magics, and technology. One of these magics imprinted on them a way to use the technology that summoned The Creator of our world, against his will, before killing them.


After destroying the technology that summoned him, he sought out the Mage Tower, and began summoning the Great Storm. The Archmage, after a short period of talking with him, even joined in creating the storm. Soon the six Wild Wizards joined in. There were tornadoes and lightning, and driving wind, but none if it ever touched the buildings or people of The Kingdom.


The Creator disappeared from the top of the Mage Tower, only to reappear several days later. He said that the storm was necessary for him to create an island on the other side of the world, a place where he could live and guide us. Many expeditions have been sent, but the only one to ever make it there and back brought tales of a giant mountain jutting from the water, the top glowing with fire.


Since The Creator arrived, there has never been another devastating natural disaster, or incursion of magical disasters from The Wilds.


Feedback is wanted, please tell me what you think.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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