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Reproduction Carts vs. Original Carts

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In regards to old SNES games, does anyone know how good reproduction carts are?


I just bought a repro cart of Chrono Trigger for thirty something bucks (instead of 100 for an original), just to test the waters and see if I can just do this with all the other madly expensive carts (Mega Man 7 and Earthbound are a couple that I have seen repros in circulation on ebay) as well as games like Secret of Mana 2 (which wasn't released in the US).


Does anyone have any experiences with them, bad or good?

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Most SNES carts only include the ROM data, and because of that, have easily reproducible carts. You generally won't have any problem with them and get the same experience as playing the original cart.


However, some original carts also include unique subprocessors, which many of the repro carts do not reproduce at all or say they have some support for those chips by implementing an MSU1 - a modern processor that can be used to emulate the original ones.

The performance in both cases is sketchy, and therefore you shouldn't buy repro carts of certain games or ROM hacks of those games. You can check out a list of those special games here:


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