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Starbound: Monsters Below

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Here is a little story: one day a friend got me into the fictional race called Avails, thanks to a mod that was made for Starbound. This race got me try curious, so I decided to check out more content with them, and stumbled upon this:


This is a Starbound machinima made by YellowDemonHurlr in standard Season|Episode format, whose idea is pretty much "what if the player was able to interact with the playable character?", and I admit that the first episode is pretty weak. However I decided to watch it through anyway, and went to episode 2. And then it picked up the interest for me

This machinima tackles some concepts such as psychology and Multiverse, and I'd say it handles them pretty well. I won't say that this is the best and most underrated machinima ever, because it's not, but it's still pretty good, albeit slow to pick up. If you decide to watch it, though: expect a lot of talking. A lot. Like, 80% of it is talking, even though it is interesting most of the time.

Oh yeah, another thing: this is one of the few machinimas that, according to the author, will span multiple games, and Starbound covers the first season (which is already finished, with 6 episodes in there). I don't know what game the next season will use, but if the author is not mistaken, it's "a game that NO ONE has ever made a machinima of".


By the way: no, the rest of his content are let's plays. Some of them however are titles that you probably never heard about, so it's still a good idea to check these out (deciding to keep watching is optional)

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