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  1. 2:03:30 on the subject of terminology that didn't exist at the time for certain scenarios, I'm pretty sure Ross had another violation (besides mentioning Jackass) when he dropped the term 'Toxic Relationship' in one of the more recent episodes, which I'm pretty damn sure didn't exist around Y2K
  2. and he still hasn't thought of something better
  3. I am really satisfied with the length of the episodes right now. 35 minutes was long for 2013 but nowadays its considered medium-short. I feel like if this episode and the last were 50 minutes instead, they would be ruined from being longer than they need. Hopefully the main event will be long, and warrant it too.
  4. it's been seven years and i just now noticed that ross actually spawned a Gluon Gun in the spot he dropped it, and it appears later in the episode when he backtracks from pump #1. detail, man.
  5. I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open-WhoaWHOAWHOA Falling into a ditch, about to be cornered by a helicopter because he didn't look where he was going even 5 years after the fact, these episodes still keep me seeing new things.
  6. anyone know the voice for Upsidedown Ross in this? I feel like its Craig but I don't know for sure.
  7. You know the movie 'It Follows?' Well, this is it, It Follows.
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