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Hello everyone,


I have been following Ross's videos for while, but never needed to register here on forum. I have to say though, it was not easy task and still have no idea what b.$@ am I.


Ross takes quite a lot of time with questions and properly answering them but there is sadly no searchable archive as far as I know.

So sometimes instead of actually answering he only refers to previous videochat or giving shortened version of the answer.


So lets build a archive!


We will need:

  • - code
    - design
    - timestamped questions


I made the code part. It's open source hosted on github. Feel free to tinker with it as you wish.


Live version can be found here. You can already search for questions from first 20minutes of second videochat.

For example question Do you like Bob Dilan? I also added some sugar to make it more pleasant.

For example based on average delta time between game dungeon releases it estimates when the next one will be. It is also capable to load preview of news on accursedfarms website.


To continue and further improve it we would need:

  • - Feedback from Ross that he is fine with it. (Everything archive uses is loaded live from youtube or accursedfarms website)
    - Type down questions in
this format. Obviously, without that it's useless.
- Design. It's not necessary but it's always better when things look nicer.


I am hoping it will catch on and thrive, if not well, it was fun late night project.


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So lets build a archive!


I like this idea, and I did propose similar project in the past.

Problem is that there is a lot of work to be done.

You could add everything from this table into your project:



Also from what I see, ScumCoder makes posts with questions and timestamps. ScumCoder, you are doing God's work. :thumbup:

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Problem is that there is a lot of work to be done.


I was really surprised that it takes so much time to write them down.


You could add everything from this table into your project.

Thanks and done. I like how we both started from the first video and ended after 20 minutes :lol: .


I also updated the template for video. Questions are now cut off with '...' and on mouse hover the whole text is displayed.


Since the website is more like a hub I was also thinking about adding section about dead games but i was not able to find enough content about that.


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Is there a way we can add new video?

I mean, there are January and February videos out, your site is still on December video.

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4 years later, many many new community chats have been released

we need to find a technological solution to this, doing it manually would not be a good way to do it.

Archive all Reddit threads with questions, archive recordings of Twitch chat, get some good speech recognition software and run it over the recording of chat, so that we at least work with transcripts instead of audio

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Thankfully, YouTube now lets you generate a complete transcript with timestamps. Which is a godsend for finding specific questions. It's located in the video description.



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