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  1. Me too. Just wanted to point out how easy it is to test Linux. I hope to make Linux my main OS eventually. Software compatibility is the only thing preventing me from quitting Windows completely. But the good news is that the Unity editor is now officially supported on Linux. So it's now possible to use Linux for most of my work!
  2. I didn't even install Linux on my laptop. I Just download Rufus and loaded the Porteus iso into it. Created a formatted USB drive with that and then booted directly from it. Super easy if you just want to test things out. I'll probably install a distro later but that's not even necessary with many of them.
  3. Not on it's own, but it can work as a replacement for some aspects of his current setup, and he even said so in the video. Not that I'm saying it's an ideal solution or anything. A complete custom shell replacement would be best, and Windows 10 even added a shell launcher which officially lets you do that. But creating a complete explorer replacement is no easy task. So using a combination of tools like this and Circle Dock are the best we can do for now unfortunately.
  4. I haven't tested it, but Rainmeter is supposed to be very light on system resources because it's not a shell replacement. And I would also point out that Windows itself already has a lot of resource hogging processes built-in, some of which you can't turn off. So can't really run Windows 10 on a potato as is anyway. At least not well. But you can replace some of these built-in programs with others to come out about even. I recently tried out Porteus (KDE flavor at only 373M!) on an old laptop and was shocked at how much faster and snapper it was to use compared to Windows 10. So I'd say Linux is really the way to go with you have a potato and don't want to run ancient versions of Windows with all their vulnerabilities.
  5. Yeah, it was a little too busy for me as well. The artist really went overboard with all those curves and I'd simplify the top area a lot if I was to tweak this. But I'm a real sucker for that retro styling with the glowing glass buttons for some reason.
  6. That was one of Ross' ideas in his birthday video and probably the only real solution. The @ThePhunMaster even developed a prototype for Ross over in the Birthday thread: Mouse topic, but it doesn't seem like anything came of it.
  7. And I totally agree with this and already said the site is mostly useless. Guess I was just trying to explain why that is, and that it's not just people intentionally lying about stuff. Which was not actually the case here as I thought.
  8. PLAYshade.wsz You could change the bottom dark-gray box to off-white with black text and it would still work too, so it's got great adaptability. Not too light or dark and no extreme contrast or readability issues like I've seen with many other skins. So I think it's just the right balance of bling vs usability. These ones I just thought looked wicked sick! If anyone else needs help finding some themes and wants to save their eyesight, here is the list of other skins I was considering:
  9. I couldn't find a dedicated topic for helping @Ross Scott (and maybe others) upgrade to Windows 10, so I'm creating this one. Not sure where to post this exactly but it's related to the September 2020 videochat announcement, so I'm placing it under "Other Videos" for discoverability. But mods are free to move it somewhere else. "Subjects of Interest to Ross/Miscellaneous" might be a better place, but I don't have permission to post there. This topic should probably focus primarily on Windows 10 Utilities to customize or remove default features and apps. But we can probably also make suggestions for other useful software or alternatives to incompatible and/or obsolete software Ross is using now on Windows 7. Windows 10 Setup If you're really paranoid and want to remove every possible Microsoft "spyware" program you can, then you could try Windows 10 AME (Ameliorated), which strips the windows install of pretty much all Microsoft features that connect to the internet and completely disables automatic updates. HOWEVER, this also has some severe side effects that might make the latest VR games glitchy or completely unplayable. Linus Tech Tips recently did a good video on all the pros and cons. Personally, I wouldn't recommend using it though because I think all the possible system and game compatibility issues kind of defeats the whole reason you're upgrading. If I was truly that concerned about Windows I'd just use Linux for all my sensitive tasks. And it's way easier to just disable most of these features with an install script that won't break parts of the OS. As suggested by @BTGBullseye already, Windows10Debloater is a popular choice and also offers a GUI interface option. However, the scripts for that are 2 years old so it probably wont remove the most recent bloat added to Windows 10. I currently use Win10-Initial-Setup-Script which is more maintained and has been updated for the latest windows release. It doesn't offer any GUI but the script is very easy to edit. Just un/comment any feature you want removed/restored. Once the script is edited the way you like it you can run it every time you update windows and not have to touch any code or GUI. These are also all just PowerShell scripts, so you can also mix and match ones from different repos if you like and make a completely custom setup. Chris Titus also has some very useful video guide on using these de-bloat scripts:
  10. You're totally right, I just assumed crackwatch was referring to the same crack I found and that the details were just incorrect without actually investigating any of this properly. But that is not at all true, so I just spoke out of complete ignorance. My bad. Your assumption here about what happened is not exactly correct. I rechecked the site and if you click on "NFO" you can actually see the scene release data the crack status is based on. There it lists an iso file called "Darkspore.MULTi5.CloneDVD-iND" and the readme says "Crack: KEINER ENTHALTEN" which is German for "Crack: NONE INCLUDED". So they never claimed it was cracked but the crackwatch aggregator either misinterpreted this or just assumes every scene release is cracked. You don't seem to understand what they're talking about on that page at all, or maybe you just didn't read the whole thing? Because if you did you should understand this doesn't actually prevent them from making the game fully functional offline. That is the primary goal of the entire project after all. As for Darkspore crack status: I realize now that I basically jumped the gun and defended crackwatch's status of the game without actually researching any of this properly and just assumed the resurrection capsule project was what they we're referring to and that the crack status was "technically" correct. I now see this was just complete hasty stupidity on my part. In hindsight even the claim that a cracked game isn't always playable at all seems absurd to me now, so I really don't know what I was thinking when I wrote any of that. I've been under a lot of stress for a lonnng time now, so it may finally be starting to affect my thought process. I think the point I was trying to make was that "cracked" is not always a simple true/false condition, so it's not always easy for a site to list the status. For example, project resurrection capsule does exist and some progress has been made, but the game isn't playable yet. So how would you even list that on a site like crackwatch, and how much progress has to be completed before you can consider the game really "cracked"? RaTcHeT302 thinks it needs to be completely beatable, but what happens if that's impossible? What if they can only make it 90% beatable, or it's 100% beatable but some features are missing/broken. This is why I suggested a crack status description. I Hope this better helps you understand where I'm coming from here.
  11. Actually it's day -4 if you look at the date! Which is an obvious error by whoever posted that, but the crack status is still accurate and that's what I was talking about. The bottom-line being that a "cracked" game isn't always playable as you thought. So I was just trying to explain why that is. But regardless of accuracy, crackwatch is still not great because all they can report on is the status of the games (for obvious legal reasons). But it's completely up to you to actually find and learn how to use these cracks and some may even stop working or just vanish. So the site seems pretty useless in any case.
  12. @Ross Scott Regarding crackwatch being inaccurate: A "cracked" game is not necessarily fully or even partial playable. This is because there can be multiple parts that need to be cracked to make it actually run. The first "crack" is often just extracting the encrypted game files to gain access to them. But that step alone doesn't mean the game itself is now playable, etc. For Darkspore they just got a basic server emulator working (Resurrection Capsule) which allows you to get in-game, but you can't actually play the game... yet. So the game is technically "cracked", just not completely. It would probably be very helpful if crackwatch also listed the playable state of the games as well ( Just like emulator sites often do) to make their actual status more clear.
  13. @Ross Scott FYI: Posting response here regarding alt-tab display, since I think others may also find this helpful. That's actually how Mac displays them. In fact, that's how Windows XP displayed them. Windows Vista changed it to thumbnails but there is actually an easy registry hack to bring back the XP style on Windows 10. However, this does have it's trade offs because it removes the close buttons but that's because you can't use the mouse to select them! But I do kind of find this faster if you don't mind cycling through them with tab. There are also various tools like Alt+Tab Tuner to tweak different aspects of the default alt-tab thumbnail and your best option will likely be a compete replacement like the Alt-Tab Terminator. As for icons vs thumbnails overall, this is partly a personal preference thing but which is objectively faster for visual identification alone depends on the content. If for example, you have many files of the same type open at once (like multiple text files in notepads) then application icons are useless by themselves because you can't tell which is which with just an icon. But if you only have one of each type of application open than just showing the icons will let you identify each program more quickly. So icons are best for program identification and thumbnails for the actual content within a program. When excluding labels of course.
  14. @NightNord In Ross' defense I would say he's approaching this from a sort of armature/casual usability standpoint and I do think there is actually some room for improvement in that area. But you make some good points. I'm an indie game developer myself and spend 99% of my time in Unity and a few other specific apps. So I don't really even think about the OS gui because when I have an issue it's never with that. From the GUI video I got the impression Ross spends a huge amount of time just hunting down programs he thinks he might want to use, which just seems insanely haphazard and inefficient to me. That's also not something most (armature and professional) users ever use their computer for. So it's a very very specialized "workflow". And those who do need many specific programs for small specific tasks use the command line and/or scripts because it's the superior (and only automatic) way of chaining tools together. Unfortunately I'm afraid Ross equates his own personal and subjective usability issues here with some kind of universal truth affecting all of us. And the reason you and I don't see this is simply because we've been blinded by our evil corporate overlords who don't allow anyone to think outside the box. Basically, Ross thinks he's that a chick from the 1984 Apple ad. So I'm not sure trying to reason with him is even possible.
  15. The OOMouse/OpenOfficeMouse/Warmouse Meta is probably the closest thing to Ross' dream mouse and was created way back in 2009 but like all mice of this type, it was short-lived and almost impossible to find now.
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