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How do you remove audio files from Half-Life:Source?

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Hello all. I was creating a mind like series inside half life(non source) and was able to remove the .wav files of audio i didn't want, such as weapon selecting and the activate button. However, when moving into half-life source, i can't find those files...in fact i can't find any sound files. How did Ross remove those sound files in his game? I tried googling but couldn't find any tutorial online to do this.

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Okay, I only know one way to do that, but it is a little complicated.

(This First part you can technically skip, but I recommend doing it anyway)

First you will need a handy little tool called "GCFScape" - that's one of the must-have tools for any modder. Now you will have to find the sound file. Go to your Half-Life Source directory and open hl1_pak_dir.vpk with GCFScape. In here you will find all the files and folders that aren't your base directory, including all sounds!

Now you can't just replace/remove the sounds within the file, so instead make a new folder in the HLS directory called "custom". Within that one make a new folder, give it any name you'd like, e.g. "Machinima". This folder you can treat the same as the hl1 folder. This means that you recreate the same folder path of that sound you want to replace.

Then find a new sound file that is just silence, which you name the same as the sound you want to replace (if you can't find a silent .wav just extract and rename sound/common/null.wav). So if you did it correctly, and wanted to replace, for example, the flashlight sound, it would look like this: custom/Machinima/sound/items/flashlight1.wav, and flashlight.wav would just be silence.

When you start the game now, the new .wav you created will override the one in hl1_pak_dir.vpk, so in your case it will just be silent.

Good Luck!

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