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  1. Hello all. I was creating a mind like series inside half life(non source) and was able to remove the .wav files of audio i didn't want, such as weapon selecting and the activate button. However, when moving into half-life source, i can't find those files...in fact i can't find any sound files. How did Ross remove those sound files in his game? I tried googling but couldn't find any tutorial online to do this.
  2. Heres Episode 2: 4NHWeTVPl8M I will be taking a few days to collect myself, see how things go, and pretty much just try and relax. Its been a rollercoaster ride thus far for this series. Its my most watched ever. My most liked ever. but saddly also my most disliked and hated ever. Im hoping as i push on things get better! Hope you all enjoy!
  3. Hey! Im uploading it right now! I was editing all day long,literally 16 hours trying to get it done. I didnt "need" to push so much but i wanted it up asap since im doing the big rework of the series. This episode will showcase plenty of jokes,some fun with NPCs as well as the start or a more serious freeman. mostly due to a joke i made....not the ending. wink wink.
  4. Greetings all, shadow here. I decided to take a step back and rework Gordons Mind and make several changes to the format,title,etc. All future episode will take this effect. This series is based on Freeman's Mind, which means there are several similarities. Expect that. But also expect a fresh look on gordon freeman to take hold around episode 3. The first few episodes show him as a wisecracking joker. But after "shit hits the fan" He will become much different.(of course tho,if you caused all your co-workers to die ou wouldn't joke much!) This doesnt mean there wont be jokes,there will be plenty to keep things entertaining. I also am not hiding the fact i take heavy inspiration from freeman's mind. You can find the update video here:jD_qDrzy7DM This explains all the changes,why, ect. Episode 2 will be posted on this forum as well once its done. it should be ready for upload in a few hours. I hope you all like these changes. This is for my sanity and happiness. I do not want to change the series because a few people dont like im creating something too similar to freeman's mind when they're never gonna watch episodes anyway.
  5. I dont have great equipment either. but what i have works. You should totally give it a go anyways, things like this can be alot of fun.
  6. The next episode will take some time to create. This was super easy since its a scripted scene already. i just need to react to it. All in all i had fun making the episode and originally i was just riffing. Trying to find something to talk about in it and got carried away and wound up finishing it.
  7. Gordon's Mind Episode 0 is my most liked video thus far on youtube. Im having a absolute blast creating this series. So much so that to celebrate i created and am releasing episode 1 early! In this episode we see Gordon riding the tram to work while he jokes around. A41M0c-eNwg
  8. Thanks! My voice would probably sound better once i get a much more decent mic
  9. Hey there! I can't tell you how happy i am to hear this was funny. I probably watched the entire video 50 times while editing i couldn't tell if something was funny anymore. Yeah i talked a little to fast at times,I will work on that in the next episode.
  10. Greetings all, Shadow here. I recently created a new Mind series alot like Freeman's Mind. Its called Gordon's Mind and the first episode is up! I would love it if you guys took a look at it and let me know what you thought,how i could improve,etc etc. -tG3-1cl7Cs
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