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Questions for March 2017 chat

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Hey Ross,


I don't know if you still accept questions here, but I hope danielsangeo will bundle this one with the rest. It's a longer one, but I think you'll find the subject interesting.


When it comes to licensed software, what's your take on the following payment models different retailers are offering nowadays (?):


  • 1. You buy the product for single sum and therefore you'll be entitled to use it as much as you desire, both private and commercially. If you throughout the years want a later version you once again pay for the product, or as in most cases a simple upgrade fee.
    2. The retailer, for instance Adobe, offers a monthly subscription to their products. This monthly amount is low, basically only a small fraction of what the product would cost as the previous alternative (could still be about... let's say $25), but in the long run it will eventually surpass the one-time-payment charge.


First alternative isn't so much of a discussion, but rather the traditional business model to be compared with. The second, however, is more of game changer, I believe. For a small business or a private amateur the monthly subscription fee can be a huge expense. For someone who's not able to use the software on a daily basis due to other weekday obligations it might not even be an actual option. Could this model incentivize piracy? What do you think could happen if the retailer goes bankrupt?


I guess this matter could be applied on buying/owning vs. pay for streaming media, such as music, movies/series and games. Maybe that's a topic for another time though.

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Hey Ross I hope you are still taking questions from here as I have a few i'd like to ask.


1. What do you think of the current disturbing trend of people accusing various internet celebrities as being nazis and racists just because they hold a different view on issues such as Jontron or because their humor is not politically correct such as Pewdiepie. It's gotten to the point where even certain media outlets are assisting by taking certain things out of context to spin it into shock headlines. Do you think this trend is going to continue or will it settle down? And what do you think the impact will be?


2. On the subject of internet celebrities If you could guest star in another youtube show which show or channel would you love to appear in? Maybe as a crossover or as a guest.


3. Have you considered pursuing a voice acting career? I think you would great at it. Maybe there's a polish company that's seeking English dubbers. You certainly could beat the one's that voiced Chosen Well of Souls.

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