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BF 2 Revive Project R.I.P.

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Hi guys! I should say, that I'am a fan of Battlefield 2 and yesterday I noticed, that it's unpossible to download "Revive Project" launcher from their website. Today I discovered, that EA wrote an email to the revive team. EA made the revive team close their project completely. To sum up, BF 2142, 2 and Heroes are now unplayable for all the people and temporary playable for people, who have the R.P. launcher installed.

Here is a link to the R.P. site: https://community.revive.network

So, I and many others who loved BF2 have to watch it dies second time.

If you love BF "origins" and you played BF2/2142/Heroes from "Revive Project", please leave your thoughts about that.

That's all, thanks for your attention :(

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