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Embarrassing Stories you probably shouldn't tell people

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We have all had that one time where something so embarrassing has happened to you, that you just want a giant hole in the earth to suddenly appear and swallow you up, just to save you from the embarrassing moment.

Or memories so embarrassing or cringy, that you cringe up and "uuurrrgh" in cringe just remembering it.


Well, since misery loves company, I thought: what better way to celebrate all our terrible embarrassing stories than to share them with everyone on this forum when you probably should be keeping them to yourself?

So with that, this shall be a new Forum Game for us all to painfully enjoy together.


Disclaimer: If you have like super-embarrassing stories, of the kind that could get you in legal trouble, then you probably shoudn't be posting that here. Like for instance you were cutting up some dude with a knife in your mothers basement, and she walks in on you and just so happens to have a policeman with her; then yeah this probably isn't the place for you to tell us that. I'm sure there's another Forum section for you to tell us all about that to your hearts content.


SO: Who shall start this off?

Non Nobis Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomine, tuo da Glorium

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