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Red Faction Armageddon

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While I'm not sure how obscure could the Red Faction series be considered, it's at least not well known either. The first time I remember seeing Red Faction was a long time ago at friend's place where I've seen the original game's cover. Then one time I got this game in some bundle on steam and recently, after a long time, I decided to play it. And I must say I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.




The game is a third person not cover based shooter and it's thing is (just as with the rest of the series) having a destructible enviroment - not completely of course, but most of the structures can be destroyed, and rebuild again.

You see, the main character has a gadget known as nano forge which can do whatever developers though would be cool to have. It can rebuild structures, blast enemies away, shield you from damage and even boost your own damage.

It is also a giant plothole. The premise of the story is that some cultists destroy an atmosphere generator on Mars and people there are forced to hide underground. But you are there when it happens so you would think you could just fix the generator right up, but no.


There is no reason you couldn't. At the end of the game you even return there and you fix the generator. Why you couldn't do it right there at the beginning?!


When you forget about the fact that the story shouldn't happen in the first place, it's actualy quite good. The dialogs between characters are also well done, with some good jokes even. I found the main character to be likeable and none of the characters were annoying.


So the story is good, what about the gameplay. Looking back at it, it could have end up bad, because some of the enemies were annoying to deal with (the most common enemy jumps around on walls and shoots at you) and destructible enviroment has the potential of making the movement in the level a nightmare. But thankfully you are given tools necessary to deal with this and it never becomes a real problem, especially after some upgrades (yes there is an upgrade system).

What helps the most are definetelly the weapons. There is a great variety of them, from standard assault rifle and pistols to stuff like plasma cutter, rocket launchers, singularity cannon and probably everyones favourite - magnet gun. You shoot two projectiles, they stick to stuff and they attract themselves. Combine this with destructible enviroment and you get the idea. Honestly, the main issue with weapons is that you can carry only four of them.


As I said, the core gameplay is solid. It is also sprinkled with sections where you drive mech suit, tank, walkers and aircraft, also fun. There is also interesting take on cheats, which you buy at the start of the campaign for points which you can earn in campaign or online coop missions. So what is the catch? It crashes. A lot.

On my first playthrough I had to be incredibly lucky because I crashed only once or twice. On second playthrough I was crashing repeatedly. The crashing follows a pattern - First checkpoint after loading the game is fine, then you get unknown amount of checkpoints where you are still fine until the game crashes on a checkpoint and you have to restart from the previous checkpoint because of course the game didn't save the checkpoint before it crashed.

That got quite annoying and it's a shame because for some people it might ruin this otherwise fun game.


If you feel like playing some linear 3rd person shooter and you are willing to risk the stability issues, I could recommend this.

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Red Faction Guerrilla was a far superior game. Open world, fully destructible buildings, extensive weapons selection, upgrades, mods, you name it.


That said, this was a decent game, until it decided that saving at 1 specific checkpoint was no longer something it wanted to do on my system. (impossible to progress because of it, tried nearly 20 times)

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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