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Namco High

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OK, this game is obscure, but it's almost impossible to access it at this point at well. It's also super recent as well and it has Homestuck Characters in it. I also realize that this description to this game sounds like bullshit, but let me talk about Shifty Look.


Back in like 2013 or something, Namco wanted to bring back it's older IPs, but really didn't want to make games of them at all. So they made a small-ish studio to handle that aspects called Shifty Look. At first they just made webcomics with all of the old Namco characters in it, but later on they started working on other projects. You might remember a Bravoman Cartoon where Bravoman was voiced by a Ninja Turtle, because Shiftylook made that. Though they were also keen on hitting the market of more "Internet Humor" type media like the Mappy shorts and one of their bigger projects, Namco High.


Now Namco High is a dating sim, but it was a freemium dating sim that had online servers when it was still up. But Shifty Look is completely dysfunct and has almost every online presence deleted. This meant that a lot of media was almost lost like the Bravoman Cartoon, Mappy, and the webcomics. But as of now there's no real way to access Namco High. It's gone. There is a website where it is supposed to be up, but the person who owns it probably never decided to bring it back up because the site is down.


So yeah, this is an odd case, VERY ODD. I know Ross hates when stuff like this happens, but this is the AFTERMATH of when that stuff happens. I would also like to point out that Namco High got it HARD. While it could be possible to do something with Darkspore, the entirety of Namco High was online only, no downloads. So yeah, I just like to bring this up since it's a very odd case of games shutting down and also a very rare case of a game's existence almost being completely gone.


I would say if somebody found a working version to link it, but I'm kind of sure that's piracy even though the company that made it is dead. I do know that there are playthroughs of it on Youtube at least.

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Update: Ok I lied about its almost being impossible to play, somebody has a download of it. But this is a literal dating sim made by Andrew Hussie that's officialy licensed and sanctioned by namco

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