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Somebody's asking about the health packs again!

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In the last few minutes of the April live chat I asked if Freeman is going to say anything about those weird green boxes he keeps running across (the health packs). I've watched all the episodes but don't remember if he's said anything yet.


Ross said "OK, Somebody is asking about the health packs in Freeman's Mind 2. You can ask fans in the comments, whatever, I've mentioned my attitude about the health packs many times for Freeman's Mind." :lol:


Can someone be so kind as to explain it again? I've watched every live chat and don't remember what he said. I do recall something about health packs making no logical sense, and that he's not going to be using them. That part is understandable. Freeman has a bullet-proof HEV suit for protection. I want to know if he plans to make up some alternate explanation for what they are. (or has already done so) Otherwise why not just mod them out of the game?

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